Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

A workshop on Intellectual Property Rights was organized by the Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell (EIC) at Punjab Engineering College (Deemed University), Chandigarh on 16th January 2019. Dr. Uma Batra, Director PEC, inaugurated the session and emphasized that PEC’s motto is to innovate and excel. She mentioned that such events are the right step in that direction. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Parikshit Bansal, Director, Bansal IP solutions and Ex-Head of IPR and Technology Cell, NIPER Mohali. Dr. Anju Singla, Member EIC and event coordinator, presented the speaker with a memento. The workshop began with examples of small things like patents for plastic bottle design, sharpener design, the technology behind lighter and numerous more examples. The speaker further explained types of patents i.e. design patents and utility patents. The speaker elucidated on important concerns like how to discover if your idea is new or not. The only way is to search the literature, products of rival and prior companies and one can also use Google patent search, according to the speaker. He answered questions like what exactly is a patent and what happens after you have filled it. He informed the audience that there are various help platforms available to file a patent. For instance, if you want to file a patent in Australia, a complete list of patent officials of Australia is given on their website. Total 5600 patents exist for individuals till date. But that’s for individuals, for companies it is large in number. He stated that the whole beauty is that you have shared your idea and that the need is not to hide but to share. Only this will lead to innovation. The speaker cleared several myths and misconceptions related to patents and told that to file a patent in India one can visit to get information on patents. Attended by over 150 students, the session was an excellent insight into the importance and procedure of obtaining patents for future engineers, scholars and entrepreneurs at PEC.

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Role of Geospatial Technology

Workshop on the topic “Role of Geospatial technology in smart city initiatives” was organised by Kalpana Chawla Chair. Sh. Ajoy Sinha highlighted the importance of GIS/GPS in making of Smart Cities.

Mentoring Session On PoCs

Institution’s Innovation Council in collaboration with Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell organized a Regional Mentoring Session on Proof of Concept (PoCs). The session was inaugurated by Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi, Director PEC

Open House 2019

CDGC in association with American Express and PECOSA raised the curtains for the Open House. It is a programme that aims to exhibit the research work, innovative projects, and advanced facilities and laboratories at PEC.