The faculty at Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh has expertise in various research areas of interest to the industry. The institute encourages its faculty to undertake consultancy work through which the faculty contributes toward the industrial growth, strengthen institute-industry interface and enrich their professional experience. The Research Planning and Development acts as a liaison between the institute and industry/ government bodies to undertake projects with specific problem, which are generally of short duration. Some of the Industries are Philips, Luminous, Metelex.


Types of consultancy

Broadly the following types of consultancy services being offered is given below:

  • Analytical studies
  • Cause-and -remedy studies
  • Design of systems/components/processes
  • Development of industrial products/systems
  • Development of systems software/application software for offline/online applications.
  • Development of laboratories
  • Recruitment/entrance examinations
  • Testing of industrial products/samples
  • Validation of designs/drawings
  • Advisor/ member to Governing Body of Industry/Institution


Information to clients

Anybody from Industry/ External Agency can contact the Institute to solve problems in almost every discipline of engineering, technology and science. The Institute through its faculty can handle such external requests of the industry/ agency that can come under the term consultancy in its broader sense.

  • Directly contact the known faculty
  • If not, browse through specialization of list and activities of faculty member in various departments
  • If not, write about your problem/needs to the Dean (RP&D)