Computer Centre

The Computer Centre was established in 1994 with the aim to provide internet and computational and data processing facilities to faculty, staff and students of the Institute. The aim of the Computer Centre is to provide excellent ICT facilities for the growth and development of teaching learning process, research activities and other activities of the institute.

The campus is equipped with Controller Based Wireless Network with more than 300 wireless access points across the academic area for seamless internet access throughout the campus. The wireless network allows users to access network resources from any convenient location within the campus. Users connected to a wireless network can maintain a constant affiliation with their desired network as they move from place to place. The Computer Centre also has a Server Room devoted to the continuous operation of computer servers. Centre houses a cluster of Windows and Linux based servers for E-Mail and Web Application hosting.

The Centre also conducts labs for Network/IoT related courses and helps in imparting practical knowledge to the students in the areas of IoT, Networking, Programming and Artificial Intelligence. Two 100 Terminal Cluster Labs are available for students for their projects, programming assignments, M.Tech & Ph.D thesis work and conducting online placement tests.

The Centre is engaged in interdisciplinary research in Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction, including research areas such as IoT, Intelligent Networks, Computer Graphics and Visualisations, Smart and Interactive Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Systems.

The Centre is involved in development of web applications for the Internet and intranet of the institute. The development process ranges from: developing a simple webpage for Events, Conferences, Workshops or Faculty Development Programmes to complex web applications such as the Institute Website, Alumni Connect Portal, Portal for Online Admissions and PEC Information System. The Admission Portal for the institute developed by the Computer Centre team allows students to register for admission in various UG, PG and Ph.D. Programmes and stay updated during the admission process.