List of Open Source Softwares

Applied fields

Artificial intelligence

  • General:
    • OpenCog – A project that aims to build an artificial general intelligence (AGI) framework. OpenCog Prime is a specific set of interacting components designed to give rise to human-equivalent artificial general intelligence.
  • Computer Vision:
    • AForge.NET – Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics library for the .NET Framework
    • OpenCV – Computer Vision Library in C++
  • Machine Learning:
  • Planning:
    • TREX – Reactive planning
  • Robotics
    • ROS – Robot Operating System
    • YARP – Yet Another Robot Platform


Link: Free computer-aided design software
  • FreeCAD – Parametric 3D CAD modeler with a focus on mechanical engineering, BIM, and product design
  • LibreCAD – 2D CAD software using AutoCAD-like interface and file format

Electronic design automation (EDA)

Link: Free electronic design automation software

Computer simulation

Link: List of free and open-source computer simulation software
  • Blender – 3D modeling software written in C, C++, and Python containing cloth, hair, fluid, particle, and rigid body simulation techniques
  • flightgear – Flight simulator written for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux
  • SimPy – Queue-theoretic event-based simulator written in Python

Desktop publishing

  • Scribus - Designed for layout, typesetting, and preparation of files for professional-quality image-setting equipment. It can also create animated and interactive PDF presentations and forms.

Integrated Library Management Software

Image editor

  • Darktable – Digital image workflow management, including RAW photo processing
  • digiKam – Integrated photography toolkit including editing capabilities
  • GIMP – Raster graphics editor aimed at image retouching/editing
  • Inkscape – Vector graphics editor
  • Karbon – Scalable vector drawing application in KDE
  • Krita – Digital painting and sketching application, with a variety of brush engines
  • LightZone - Free, open-source digital photo editor software application.
  • RawTherapee – Digital image workflow management aimed at RAW photo processing


For a more comprehensive list, see List of open-source software for mathematics.

Reference management software

Link: Comparison of reference management software


Link: Free science software


Link: List of open source bioinformatics software


Electronic Lab Notebooks

Geographic Information Systems

Link: Free GIS software

Grid computing

  • P-GRADE Portal – Grid portal software enabling the creation, execution and monitoring of workflows through high-level Web interfaces

Microscope image processing

  • CellProfiler – Automatic microscopic analysis, aimed at individuals lacking training in computer vision
  • Endrov – Java-based plugin architecture designed to analyse complex spatio-temporal image data
  • FIJI (software)ImageJ-based image processing
  • Ilastik – Image-classification and segmentation software
  • ImageJ – Image processing application developed at the National Institutes of Health
  • IMOD – 2D and 3D analysis of electron microscopy data
  • ITK – Development framework used for creation of image segmentation and registration programs
  • KNIME – Data analytics, reporting, and integration platform
  • VTK – C++ toolkit for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualisation
  • 3DSlicer – Medical image analysis and visualisation

Molecular dynamics

  • GROMACS – Protein, lipid, and nucleic acid simulation
  • LAMMPS – Molecular dynamics software
  • MDynaMix – General-purpose molecular dynamics, simulating mixtures of molecules
  • NAMD – Parallel efficient simulation of large systems involving millions of atoms
  • NWChem – Quantum chemical and molecular dynamics software

Molecule viewer

  • Avogadro – Plugin-extensible molecule visualisation
  • BALLView – Molecular modeling and visualisation
  • Jmol – 3D representation of molecules in a variety of formats, for use as a teaching tool
  • Molekel – Molecule viewing software
  • MeshLab – Able to import PDB dataset and build up surfaces from them
  • PyMOL – High-quality representations of small molecules as well as biological macromolecules
  • QuteMol – Interactive molecule representations offering an array of innovative OpenGL visual effects
  • RasMol – Visualisation of biological macromolecules



Link: Free plotting software

Quantum chemistry

Link: List of quantum chemistry and solid-state physics software
  • CP2K – Atomistic and molecular simulation of solid-state, liquid, molecular, and biological systems

Risk Management


Link: Free statistical software


Assistive Technology

Speech (synthesis and recognition)

Other assistive technology

Data storage and management

Backup software

Database management systems (including administration)

Data mining

Data Visualization Components

  • ParaView – Plotting and visualization functions developed by Sandia National Laboratory; capable of massively parallel flow visualization utilizing multiple computer processors
  • VTK – Toolkit for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualisation.

Digital Asset Management software system

Disk partitioning software

Enterprise search engines

ETLs (Extract Transform Load)

File archivers

File Systems

  • FSPath - licensed under the GNU General Public License.
  • OpenAFSDistributed file system supporting a very wide variety of operating systems
  • Tahoe-LAFS – Distributed file system/Cloud storage system with integrated privacy and security features
  • CephFS – Distributed file system included in the Ceph storage platform.

Networking and Internet




File transfer

Grid and distributed processing

Instant messaging

IRC Clients


RSS/Atom readers/aggregators

Portal Server

Remote access and management

Routing software

Web browsers


  • Cheese – GNOME webcam application
  • Guvcview – Linux webcam application



  • Apache Cocoon – A web application framework
  • Apache – The most popular web server
  • AWStats – Log file parser and analyzer
  • BookmarkSync – Tool for browsers
  • Cherokee – Fast, feature-rich HTTP server
  • curl-loader – Powerful HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/FTPS loading and testing tool
  • FileZilla - FTP
  • Hiawatha – Secure, high performance, and easy-to-configure HTTP server
  • HTTP File Server – User-friendly file server software, with a drag-and-drop interface
  • lighttpd – Resource-sparing, but also fast and full-featured, HTTP Server
  • Lucee – CFML application server
  • Nginx – Lightweight, high performance web server/reverse proxy and e-mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy
  • NetKernel – Internet application server
  • Qcodo – PHP5 framework
  • Squid (software) – Web proxy cache
  • Vaadin – Fast, Java-based framework for creating web applications
  • Varnish (software) – High-performance web application accelerator/reverse proxy and load balancer/HTTP router
  • XAMPP – Package of web applications including Apache and MariaDB
  • Zope – Web application server

Web search engines

Other networking programs


Educational Suites

  • ATutor – Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Chamilo – Web-based e-learning and content management system
  • Claroline – Collaborative Learning Management System
  • DoceboLMS – SAAS/cloud platform for learning
  • eFront – Icon-based learning management system
  • FlightPath – Academic advising software for universities
  • GCompris – Educational entertainment, aimed at children aged 2–10
  • Gnaural – Brainwave entrainment software
  • H5P – Framework for creating and sharing interactive HTML5 content
  • IUP Portfolio – Educational platform for Swedish schools
  • ILIAS – Web-based learning management system (LMS)
  • Moodle – Free and open-source learning management system
  • OLAT – Web-based Learning Content Management System
  • Omeka – Content management system for online digital collections
  • openSIS – Web-based Student Information and School Management system
  • Sakai Project – Web-based learning management system
  • SWAD – Web-based learning management system
  • Tux Paint – Painting application for 3–12 year olds
  • UberStudent – Linux based operating system and software suite for academic studies


  • KGeography – Educational game teaching geography

Learning support



  • KTouch – Touch typing lessons with a variety of keyboard layouts
  • Tux Typing – Typing tutor for children, featuring two games to improve typing speed

File managers


Application layer

  • WINE – Allows Windows applications to be run on Unix-like operating systems



Graphical user interface

Desktop environments

Window managers

Windowing system


Content management systems

Wiki software

Healthcare software


2D animation

  • Pencil2D – Simple 2D graphics and animation program
  • Pivot Animator – Application used to create stick figure and sprite animations
  • Synfig – 2D vector graphics and timeline based animation
  • TupiTube (formerly KTooN) – Application for the design and creation of animation
  • OpenToonz – Part of a family of 2D animation software

3D animation

  • Blender – Professional computer graphics software featuring modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, simulation, rendering, camera tracking, video editing, and compositing
  • OpenFX – Modeling and animation software with a variety of built-in post processing effects
  • Seamless3d – Node-driven 3D modeling software

Audio editors, audio management

CD/USB-writing software

Flash animation

Game Engines

  • Godot – Application for the design of cross-platform videogames


Image galleries

Image viewers

Multimedia codecs, containers, splitters


Video converters

Video editing

Video encoders

Video players

Other media packages

  • Celtx – Media pre-production software

Office suites

Operating systems

Be advised that available distributions of these systems can contain, or offer to build and install, added software that is neither free software nor open-source.

Emulation and Virtualisation

Personal information managers

Programming language support

Bug trackers

Code generators

Documentation generators

  • Doxygen – Tool for writing software reference documentation. The documentation is written within code.
  • Mkd – The software documentation is extracted from the sources files, from pseudocode or comments.
  • Natural Docs – Claims to use a more natural language as input from the comments, hence its name.

Configuration software

Debuggers (for testing and trouble-shooting)

Integrated development environments

Version control systems




Data loss prevention

Data recovery



Disk erasing


Disk encryption

Database encryption


Network and security monitoring

Secure Shell (SSH)

Password management

Other security programs


Other Softwares

General directories