Metamaterial Absorbers for Microwave/THz applications


Metamaterials are artificially engineered materials with unique electromagnetic (EM) properties that cannot be found in nature such as negative permittivity and negative permeability. Several devices such as perfect lens, cloaking, antennas, phase modulators, absorbers, and modulators have been demonstrated using the exotic properties of the metamaterials. Nowadays metamaterial absorber (MMA) has especially attracted interest due to its numerous potential applications in sensing, energy harvesting, solar cells, thermal emitter and photo-detectors, largely because it provides near-perfect absorption within a small dimension.

We have demonstrated different designs of metamaterial absorbers such as T-, split-I (SI)-, split-Jerusalem cross (SJC)-, split-ring-cross (SRC)-, and Gemini-shaped compact absorber structures with high absorptance, multi-band absorption, and ultra-thin thickness for microwave and terahertz (THz) applications.

Arun Kumar Singh
Neena Gupta
Sanjeev Kumar
Collaborations Dr. Neha Sardana IIT Ropar
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DOI: 10.1049/iet-map.2019.0623