Electromagnetic Pulse Sensor


A simple dipole antenna maybe not intended to measure the transient electromagnetic pulse of sharp rise time in order of picoseconds. The pulse might be produced from numerous ways and their particular recognition is a need for proficient innovative work of the related systems. Magnetic-field sensor (B-dot) and Electric-field sensor (D-dot) are the more suited choice for precise detection of such pulse, owing to their pungent rise time. In this paper, the new conceptualized design of the B-dot sensor using a Mobius loop and detailed design of the Ground Plane D-dot sensors using an Equivalent Charge Distribution Method, followed by the principal, configuration, and calibration methods are introduced. Furthermore, an advanced prototype of the electric field sensor is developed based on simulation analysis and lightweight Aluminum (Al) Alloy. Moreover, the paper emphasizes the consequence of material choice on bandwidth and technically deployment of Al-Alloy in sensor manufacturing. The developed prototype is up to 3.0 times lesser in weight and up to 3.0 times, economical compared to a like Copper-based sensor and has a bandwidth greater than 12.1 GHz, which minimize multi-sensor requirement in the measurement of the electromagnetic pulse with wide-band EM systems.

Prof. Neelam Rup Prakash
More Information https://doi.org/10.1080/03772063.2019.1686662