Electrochemical detection of herbicide atrazine using porous MnO2-NiO nanocatalyst


By the utilisation of MnO2-NiO as the catalytic probe, a novel label free electrochemical sensor has been fabricated for selective and sensitive identification of atrazine. The electrocatalytic reduction of atrazine was found to occur at -1.0 V. It has been experimentally demonstrated that a sensing selectivity towards atrazine in the presence of interfering ions. Compared to the existing atrazine sensors, the MnO2-NiO based sensor provides a wide linear range response for the detection of atrazine. The sensor showed long-term stability, and good reproducibility. The sensor was successfully illustrated for detecting atrazine in tap and waste samples. This work paved the way for electroanalytical application of nanosized MnO2-NiO particles and offers new opportunities for applications in bioanalysis and environmental chemistry.

Dr. Anu Prathap M. U.
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