Tribological behaviour of transparent ceramics: A review


Owing to superior properties, i.e. high hardness, high wear resistance, and weight reduction of transparent ceramics (TCs) over glasses. TCs have shown promising tribological potential for applications such as face shields, explosive ordnance visors, windows for aircraft, spacecraft and, re-entry vehicles, electromagnetic windows, laser igniter windows, screens for smartphones and more. Researchers globally have been attracted to explore more about TCs, considering the tremendously increasing demand over different other transparent materials. The optical quality of TCs is mostly characterized by the in-line transmittance, and the effect of various processing parameters on transmittance has already been studied by various researchers. In this review, the current research progress regarding tribological performance of TCs is compiled. TCs with potential in tribological applications include MgAl2O4, Al2O3, AlON, Lu2O3, c-BN, Y2O3, Si3N4, and SiAlON. The relevant strategies to improve the tribological properties, including microstructures and mechanical properties are comprehensively discussed.

Dr. Sandan Kumar Sharma
Collaborations Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, National Research Council (CNR ISTEC), Italy
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