SIFTBCS: scale invariant feature transform based fuzzy vault scheme in biometric cryptosystem


Biometric cryptosystem (BCS) is a challenging field of study where data is secured using biometrics features and cryptographic encryption. The necessity for retaining login credentials has been eliminated by the incorporation of biometrics in encrypted technology. The integration of biometrics into cryptographic systems eliminates the necessity of recalling passwords. This manuscript puts forward an innovative approach referred to as Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) based Biometric Cryptosystem (SIFTBCS) for the construction of cryptographic keys from the obtained features. The foundation of this technique rests upon the established Fuzzy Vault scheme utilized for safeguarding data. The motive behind employing the SIFT scheme in biometric cryptosystems is that the extracted features remain unaltered by changes in orientation and scaling, thereby enhancing the accuracy and reliability of authentication. SIFTBCS method is comprised of three distinct stages, namely Key generation, Enrollment and Authentication. The proposed technique achieves an accuracy of ≈ 94% on USTB-v2, IITDv1 and CP databases.

Nitin Kumar
Collaborations National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand
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