Critical Behavior of Relaxor〖 Pb〗_0.91 La_0.09 (Zr_0.65 Ti_0.35 ) O_3: Interplay between Polar Nano Regions, Electrocaloric and Energy Storage Response


We have investigated the critical behavior of relaxor〖 Pb〗_0.91 〖La〗_0.09 (〖Zr〗_0.65 〖Ti〗_0.35 ) O_3 [(PLZT 9/65/35] to unveil the systematic effect of Polar Nano Regions (PNRs) on electrocaloric effect (ECE) and energy storage properties via dielectric spectroscopy and isothermal P (polarization) vs E (electric field) loops measurements. To capture the basic notion about PNR driven phase evolution and realize the relevance of the mean-field approach, we have followed the master curve scheme for ∆S_E (E,T) profile. The observed ∆S_E (T) curves of various E are well collapsed into a single universal curve with two reference temperatures, this approach usually applied to deal the multiphase magnetic systems. This suggests that the polar activity associated with PNRs is diverse in a certain manner from the typical displacive polar domains. Additionally, we have disclosed the energy storage aspect of PNRs in relaxors. The thermal profile of efficiency reveals that the PNRs play a conclusive role in the energy storage application.

Sanjeev Kumar
Collaborations Dr. S.D. Kaushik, UGC-DAE-Consortium for Scientific Research Mumbai Centre, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
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