Pre-Placement Training 2022: Day 2

Pre_Placement _Training_pec_day2
Pre_Placement _Training_pec_day2

The second day of the 3-day Pre-Placement Training program organized by CDGC at PEC began with a lot of enthusiasm. Mr Rajeev Markandey, Senior Faculty, Hitbullseye took the stage to give students his insight through a workshop on 'Career Paths after engineering'. The speaker gave a detailed presentation on what and what not to choose as a career path. The session was interactive as he invited the students to speak about how they picked engineering as their career path. The speaker talked about various aspects that need to be kept in mind while deciding one’s career path. The session was very informative with some humorous punches thrown in by the speaker to make it a fun and charming session.

For the second session of the day was taken by Ms Radhika Mahajan. The session was a very interactive one, with students volunteering to answer some questions by the speaker, who gave tips on communication skills while correcting the answers of the volunteers. The speaker emphasised on the need of soft skills in professional life. She also mentioned the three things to be an effective communicator- words, voice and body language. The speaker highlighted that hard skills can get the students the interview call, but to get the job, the students need soft skills.

The last session was taken up by Mr. Hirdesh Madan. He took the seminar on 'Group Discussions and Personal Interviews', where he provided the students with advices from his own 20+ years of experience. This session focused on the various dynamics of a group discussion and what the interviewer is looking for in a prospective employee during a GD. The speaker exclaimed that an interview is only about what one speaks and how one speaks. He gave the students many tips and tricks to stand out in a personal interview while mentioning all the important points. The session was concluded by answering the queries of the students about the GD and PI by the speaker himself. The students found the session quite insightful and informative.

All three sessions were very insightful and informative, and the students learnt a lot about various elements that are a very significant part of their life as they get ready to step out of college into the real world.

The sessions of the second day of the Pre-Placement Training provided students with a career paths workshop, soft skills workshop, GD&PI workshop, Aptitude test workshop, Case Study workshop and Resume Building workshop. After lunchtime, the events switched to the online platform Zoom.

Recent Research Activities

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Applied Science Department has received the India 2020 Top Cited Paper Award for article “Sr and Mn co-doped sol-gel derived BiFeO3 ceramics with enhanced magnetism and reduced leakage current” Nandni Sharma et al 2017 Mater. Res. Express 4 015702. The Top Cited Paper Award is for corresponding authors from India, for work published across the entire IOP Publishing portfolio.

A National Seminar on ‘Space Flight: Challenges and Opportunities’ was held at the Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh. Notably, the seminar was conducted to commemorate the 16th death anniversary of Dr. Kalpana Chawla, the star alumni of Aerospace Engineering Department of PEC, who disappeared in the sky during Columbia Disaster on 1st February 2003.

The Computer Centre, Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh in association with Chandigarh Sub Section of IEEE is organized a Six Weeks Workshop on Web Development & Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop comprised of theoretical and practical sessions on daily basis. Expert Lectures were also conducted during the workshop.