National Sports Day 2019

National Sports Day event commenced with the practice of Yoga followed by dance performances of different states of India representing the cultural diversity and ways through which fitness is promoted through each of the dance forms. This was followed by a representation of games like kho kho, gully danda and kabaddi that portrayed the versatile culture of the nation and its role in improving fitness. Fitness icons of the country like Shilpa Shetty and Gautam Gambhir were also present at the event.

Videos of different people's contribution to the nation in the field of sports were played and a skit was performed which highlighted encouraging sports and intake of nutritious diet for promoting good health amongst students.

Finally, Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi addressed the gathering on the account of National Sports Day, he commemorated the contribution of Major Dhyaan Chand. He emphasized that Fit India is a step towards healthy India and that sports is directly related to fitness. He also stressed on the fact that in today's world we tend to forget the importance of health due to the advancements in technology. Technology is a hindrance in our healthy lifestyle. The busy, modern and technologically advanced status quo has forgotten the importance of health and fitness. Today there are innumerable diseases prevalent at young ages and this is due to the kind of lifestyle all of us are leading. According to him, all these problems can be easily resolved at individual level by taking small steps in the direction towards fitness. This should become an important topic of discussion at every household in India. Inspired by this, China initiated a similar movement some time back, and now India is looking at an agenda of inspiring and assuring that maximum numbers of people associate themselves with regular exercise by the end of 2020. Spreading awareness regarding fitness and health consciousness is something this movement is willing to instill in the hearts of the people. Success is directly related to health as every successful person has one thing in common, that is, all of them have given due importance to fitness and health in their lifestyle. He encouraged the nation to imbibe this culture of fitness in day-to-day life which would not only lead to an individual's success but to the well-being and prosperity of the nation as a whole.

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