Industry-Academia-Interaction Week Aerospace Engineering Department

Aerospace Engineering Department organized Industry-Academia-Interaction week during September 4-7, 2018 in which expert lectures were delivered by the eminent experts invited from reputed Industrial and research organization such as DRDO, Honeywell, Zeus Numerix, Apollo Aerospace & IIT Bombay. Aerospace students of all the academic years attended the expert lectures.

Two expert lectures were delivered on the inaugural day. Dr. Jimmy Kansal, Joint-director, Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment – A premier DRDO Laboratory based ay Chandigarh delivered a talk on ‘Unmanned Autonomous Systems for Situational awareness’. He lucidly explained the various UAV configurations for civil and military usage. He also talked on various kind of payloads used for mission specific UAVs. He concluded his talk to bring out the importance of UAVs in Avalanche studies. Mr. Aseem Nagar, from Honeywell, Bangalore shared impact of Honeywell on Aerospace industry in India. Being alumni of PEC (Aerospace), Aseem appreciated the academic fundamentals received from PEC. He also presented a roadmap for the students in pursuing their career.

On the second day, Mr. Jitendra Kumar, Joint-Director of Strategic Systems, gave talk to Aerospace Students. He started the talk by introducing the various institutes he had studied and then briefly described various projects he had taken up throughout his career. He elegantly narrated how exciting a career can be if pursued with passion. Based on his own experience, he gave insight into the flight testing procedures of Airbus-A320 and Su-30 incorporating new fitments. He discussed various avionics and navigational aids (flight instruments) highlighting their importance for safety and integrity in aviation. Mr. Jatendra Singh delivered lecture on Instrument Landing System (ILS) on second day also. Mr. Jitendra Singh had his third and final talk during the week with students motivating students to endure this challenging field of air transportation.


On third day, Lt. Cdr. L. Sivaram of Indian Navy interacted with students and shared his wide experience in the field of aviation. He shared his rich experience with the Indian navy, Rolls Royce and Pilatus in the field of vibration monitoring and control of rotary wing aircraft. He explained the use of vibration monitoring instruments such as accelerometers, pressure sensors, and displacement sensors in identifying and troubleshooting the health of the rotor. He also gave insight into the use of mathematical tools such as FFT in monitoring the disturbances from different components of the rotary system. This talk was application oriented and gave much information which may not be available in text books.

Another talk was delivered by Prof. R. Pant from Aerospace Department of IIT Bombay on third day. As an expert on lighter than air vehicles in India and the one who had been a visiting faculty of Virginia Tech university of United states of America and Nanyang Technical University of Singapore, He shared his various experiences on designing and building Lighter Than Air (LTA) vehicles particularly Aerostats. He showed videos of his students testing control algorithms on laboratory scale airships to motivate students for Design-Build-Fly concepts.

On the final day of the IIIW at Aerospace Department, Mr. Abhishek Jain from Zeus Numerix, Pune gave talk on CFD and Entrepreneurship in Aerospace industry. He introduced his industry and the various problems that they have solved over time. He emphasized the importance of fundamental theories and knowledge in the core engineering to work in the aerospace industry.

With this motivational talk, the Industry-Academia-Interaction week was concluded. All the experts were honoured by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Head of Aerospace Engineering department. Dr. Rakesh Kumar also highlighted the scope of MoU with ZeusNumerix and Honeywell Pvt Ltd for the benefit of students, faculty and Institute.  Dr. Amarjit Singh and Sh. M.s Rajeshwaran were the faculty coordinators of the event which was well supported by staff members of the department.

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