Industrial Expert Lecture- Applied Sciences Department

Under the Industrial expert week lectures conducted in PEC from 4th to 7th September, 2018, the students were introduced to a visionary entrepreneur Mr. Harjinder Singh Cheema, now the chairman of Cheema Boilers Limited (CBL) on 6th September. Mr. Cheema was invited by the Department of Applied Sciences for a talk entitled “Need to Produce Entrepreneurs to Utilize 60% of India’s Young Population by 2020”.

Mr. Cheema laid emphasis on the importance of confidence in one’s life. He faced many hardships in life but they could not discourage him from rising high. He completed his naval engineering from Naval Engineering Institute, Lonavala. He was a curious cadet and one of his many questions made him dream big. He learnt early on that a big set-up is not important to become successful. He worked steadily and strived for success. His key ingredients to success including courage, communication and consistency moved the audience with a sense of purpose and confidence.

The former marine engineer spoke about the importance of training the students to create new jobs rather than finding jobs. Speaking about the emerging gig economy and the rise of work-from-home opportunities, he highlighted the changing nature of the workplace. In a world where you can utilize your talents to earn a living from any part of the world, the focus shifts to skills and effective communication over traditional resumes and backgrounds. This underscores the need to be best at what you do and pursue it with determination so that you can thrive in this evolving world. He spoke about the opportunities available to PEC students, including the Career Guidance & Development Cell (CDGC) and the Entrepreneurship & Incubation Cell (EIC), and requested them to make the most of these avenues.

With its focus on technical knowledge combined with innovative thinking, the Industry Academia Week proved to be a fruitful exchange of ideas among the experts of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

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