98th Foundation Day

Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) has completed 98 wonderful years since it’s foundation in 1921. A celebratory event was organized to mark the foundation of the college, which started with a lamp lightning ceremony. Chief guest Director, PEC, Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi, ex-Directors Vijay Gupta and Manoj Datta shared the podium with Dr. Divya Bansal. The Chief Guests also included Dr. Siby John (Deputy Director) and Dr. Sushant Samir (Registrar).

The lamp lighting ceremony was followed by the Director’s speech, where he started off by wishing Punjab Engineering College, a very happy 98th Birthday. He highlighted his vision for the University and re-emphasized his plans to promote internships and taking up transferred semesters in various institutions and universities to gain lots of exposure, something which is lacking in a lot of graduates of recent time. He also highlighted that Punjab Engineering College has the ‘top 1%’ of students, and inherently it becomes the responsibility of the University to provide them with apt care, attention and opportunities. His moto, change India by taking one step at a time, was highlighted to seek as much help, and as much experience as one possibly could, as it is only then that you learn.

He then introduced Dr. Vijay Gupta, and elucidated that they both had a similar vision of what they wanted PEC to be. Dr. Gupta began on a light and yet an emotional note, stating that he was surprised he needed a microphone, as he had taken many a lecture in the same hall, behind the same podium, to an Auditorium full of students, without ever needing a mic. His golden rule, he stated, was that he believed in making many mistakes, but he’d rather err while experimenting than practicing. He too recognized the fact that providing a good student experience was paramount above all things. He then talked about how India still follows a science-based education system which is out of touch with our time and requirements. His speech was supplemented by Dr. Dutta. He opened his speech with a remarkable idea of ‘Free and Unrestricted Choice for Education’ and emphasized on continuous self-evaluation as a key to success. His main idea was that the University should take examples from other institutions, but never try to copy or clone them, the variance that a University provides over other institution is what attracts people. He also stated his idea about restructuring the M.Tech programs and provide more focus on them. His ideas to promote the entrepreneurship and start-ups in India were vivid and he highlighted the errs in using the ranking system for colleges and how they may be inaccurate and might lose their purpose.

A dance performance by the Dramatics Club of PEC, and a video entailing the history of PEC and its highlights helped to raise the energy in the room.

The event ended by Dr. Divya Bansal thanking all dignitaries and students present there for helping make this day truly memorable.

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98th Foundation Day

PEC has completed 98 wonderful years since it’s foundation in 1921. A celebratory event was organized to mark the foundation of the college. The Chief Guest for the event was Director, PEC, Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi.