Student Counselling Cell

The office of the counselling services aims at helping students reach their highest academic and personal potential. This may involve helping with personal, learning and career concerns and promoting success and wellness among them. The office provides a confidential atmosphere in which the students can explore any topic or situation and discuss any concerns thy may have. The students are helped to work through their problems, to develop self-awareness and to overcome problems.

The office offers free counselling to students on individual or group basis. The counselling cell also provides testing facilities which includes psychological testing and psychiatry.

The counselling cell has a peer help group fondly known as “Happy Folks” of PEC comprising students from all branches and years. They are the volunteers who work in order to create a cheerful atmosphere in the college by organising regular interactive activities and motivating sessions, always ready to work for the welfare of the students.

Major events done by the club

  1. Unveil the Culprit: This event is held yearly during PECFEST. A bunch of suspects are to be identified with a set of clues to solve the murder mystery.
  2. Har Dil Raushan: Yearly event held during Diwali in which we try to help the economically weaker section of the societies via different means.
  3. Scavenger Hunt: A yet another star event held once every year involving a set of activities which are challenging enough for you to win.
  4. Minute to win it: This event included one minute fun tasks which focussed on making students work under constraints of time in a fun filled manner.
  5. Treasure Hunt: Treasure hunt competition is organized by SCC every year with the “Happiness” based concept. It marked participation of over 300 students.

    These are few of the many events successfully organized by the members of the pair help group.

How joining the club will help the students?

  1. Sakshatkaar: It is an annual event organized by the Student Counselling Cell. In this, the members conduct a survey to analyse the stress level of the students of the first year who fill a standard form prepared by the student counsellor of the institute. Based on the responses by the students, scores are allotted and a “Happiest branch” with lowest average score is selected and honoured and also the students with the need of guidance from the counsellor are identified and invited to the office of the counsellor.
  2. Enlightenment for the students on the scientific view of life and also an inclusion of demonstration of some therapies to release stress.


Secretary: Jatin Chugh
Joint Secretary: Ansh Ohhri