Dramatics Club

Dramatics is where art and culture thrives. It is one of the most prominent and active clubs of our college. Our club has two wings i.e Dance wing and Acting wing. Our club gives amazing opportunities of performing exciting dance forms and presenting strong theatrical plays. We perform stageplays, streetplays, skits and monologues in addition to numerous dance forms in our inhouse events and in fests across the country. We take a lot of pride in our club and work hard to get accolades for our college.

Major events done by the club:


It is the annual event of Dramatics club in which our young dramachees perform with their full energy and passion, mesmerizing their audience.This is the very first event for newly added members to the club.


The event where there is no limit to fun, where the glitters are in the sky and the stars on the ground. Chitrahaar is special due to two reasons, one because of the unbelievable audience, the auditorium is so jam packed that not even one chair is not taken, and second because there are no boundaries this time, dance wing - acting wing, no, we are one big family - DRAMILY, dancing, acting, enjoying and having fun together.


Theater is all about capturing moments, portraying the untold reality and feeling the thrill of the unknown. By and large a stage play is considered an imitation of folk-attitude, wherein, the deeds done by humans lead to different circumstances in life.

Spandhan is the first showcase of our stage play. The hard work put in by the team and the people involved is showcased for the first time. Teams from all across the country present their stageplays.


The bold voices, the synchronized movements, the breathtaking formations, the resonating beats and the moving jingles is what streetplay means for us. Nukkad brings together street play teams all across India. A lot of thought and planning goes into making a street play. It is a humongous yet rewarding process.

Improv Premier League

You think you're quick with witty comments? Well you can showcase your talent here at IPL. Improv Premier league combines Improv Comedy with a touch of creativity making it the best improv competition you might have ever experienced. We have people from different colleges enroll, the best part being that there is no registration fee.

Stand Up

Yawns are not the only infectious things out there besides germs, giggles can also spread from person to person. But maybe the most infectious thing is the act of speaking truth by actually playing silly buggers.Stand-up comedy where it isn't just about stringing silly phrases together for the sake of laugh but where it is a musical flow; a comedic symphony of relatable experiences and observations bonded together.


We Practice like we’ve never won and perform like we’ve never lost. Groovz is our Western Dance Competition we organize and participate in during pecfest.

Why be a part of Dramily ?

We work like we have never won and perform like we have never lost. Dramatics has taught us that there is fun in hard work, dedication and victory and we wish all our juniors to experience that. It is always a breath of fresh air for students who have spent the past couple years hidden behind books. It gives an enriched sense of self worth and boosts your confidence. Once you’ve tasted victory, you will know that being on stage and performing is a drug and which motivates you each day to be honest and faithful to your artform.

Secretary : Sarthak
Joint Secretary : Chirag