Dramatics Club

Josh bataya ya dikhaya nahi jata, Mehsoos karvaya jata hai.

Saath milkar kaam karne waale ko dost nahi, Parivar banaya jata hai.

Dedicated group of individuals with Regular practice and hardwork, Aiming to express themselves, Motivated by their art to Shine on the prestigious Stage!

The daily schedule of hardwork; Unlimited patience and dedication; And an unquenchable thirst for more....

That is what fills the vein of every Dramchee in our beloved Dramatics Club. The cooperative learning process and methodical practice with individuals full of zeal makes the Dramatics Club the most prestigious and rewarding cultural Club of Punjab Engineering College.

The journey begins with an exuberant Recruitment workshop, where an endeavor to add new members to the Dramatics family is made by giving them a glimpse of and instilling in them our core values which are Punctuality, Dedication and Enthusiasm. The chosen lot then begins preparing for their first event of college: -

  • AAGHAZ: Where Stars are Born After a month of practice during which mutual respect and understanding for the co-workers is cultivated among the new members, our new Dramchees get a chance to climb our mecca madina: The Stage. This is followed by our beloved PECfest, which is a conglomeration of our art, culture, zeal and toil. Our club organizes and participates in a plethora of events during PECfest involving Dance and Drama. Post this, we conduct professional workshops in which our members are tutored by professional theatre artists and choreographers to hone their skills and help them realize their potential to the fullest so that they can represent the college on national platforms to bring laurels to the institution's already jeweled legacy.
  • CHITRAHAAR: The Finale This bittersweet farewell event is a delightful blend of incessant Bollywood dance and drama. Keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, it fulfills our promise of wholesome entertainment and makes up an evening filled with love and laughter. The beauty in our laurels lie in their variety with both our wings bagging positions left and right. A few feathers in our cap include IIT Bombay 2019, 1st prize; IIT MANDI 2019,1st prize; IIT Ropar 2019,1st prize from our realistic actors and IIT Mandi 2019, 1st prize, UIET 2019, 1st prize; MNIT Jaipur 2019, 1st prize from our astonishing dancers. Our Club has a winning streak since the last 7 years at the prestigious cultural festival of IIT Bombay ‘Mood Indigo’. But as the Earth compares its size to the sun, these names stand to the unlimited names in our list of winnings. The Dramatics Club not only gives an opportunity to its members to stand out from the crowd as stupendous performers but also stand out as stupendous human beings and leaves them with priceless experiences and values which last a lifetime. But there is one thing that the club cannot give to its member: a chance to live as ordinary members of society. Because once you accept what we have to offer, the word Extraordinary would not even begin to describe you. Kala ka Aadar ho Manch ka satkaar ho Bhaarat mata ki Jai ho Vande Mataram

Secretary: Jai Kataria (+91- 7087266712)

Joint Secretary: Tarun Azad (+91- 8448431789)