IIM (Indian Institute of Metals) is a reputed institution devoted to promotion and advancement in the study, practice and research of metallurgical science and technology. With over 75 years of practicing the science and the art of making and treating of metals and alloys, it is recognized throughout the world as one of the premier metallurgical organizations. Our student chapter at PEC which is also the Chandigarh chapter has been helping further this aim though industry interactions and also conducting events to develop the organizing and soft skills of members with the events being conducted keeping in mind the goals of our parent body. We have had get togethers of the IIM Chandigarh chapter bringing together members from industry and our student members. These gatherings have evolved over time and presently act as knowledge sharing sessions for IIM members.

Major events done by the club

  • Picture Tale - A fun event based on guessing the phenomenon/historic event in metallurgy and materials domain through a set of images.
  • Metallographic Contest – Submission of microstructures (using microscope, SEM, TEM etc.) and information derived from them.
  • Hit the Dart – Participants hit the dart on the correct answer based on the question asked.
  • Tech Pictionary – Participants draw the word for the audience to guess. Words will be answers to questions in science and technology.
  • Expert Lectures – Expert lectures explore a particular subject with interaction with industry experts. Expert session provide platform to students to express their ideas and view. Student gets benefit to relate theoretical with practical inputs of field. Series of such session pour an extra enthusiasm to student to give practical approach to their study.
  • Workshops & Seminars – We organize these to impart skills and knowledge to the participants.
  • Research Institute visits
  • Industry visits
  • Alumni Interactions
  • IIM Technical Projects

How joining the club will help the students

Being a part of IIM society helps you to gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem-solving, group development, presentation and public speaking through our various workshops, expert lectures series and other activities.
It has been serving the Metallurgical Fraternity through different activities in highlighting emerging challenges and such opportunities since its inception. The chapter is planning to introduce a number of new activities - such as consultancy, training for members to serve the emerging need of the metal industry. Furthermore, we are going to conduct regional level rounds for the preliminary round for the annual quiz which is held on National Metallurgist Day organized by IIM nationally where all chapters are invited. IIM is a great experience to highlight on your CV. When you show up for placement, you will stand out amongst your peers. Professional associations can show hiring managers how committed you are to learn more about the field.
Joining IIM society will enable you to connect to a peer group who shares similar interests as you. The connections that you make here can also possibly lead to life-long relationships of both peers and mentors.

S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1. Prof Kaustab R. Kamble Officer Incharge    
2. Suraj Kumar Tiwari Secretary 9798862717  
3. Manvendra Singh Joint Secretary 7220043478