IIM is a professional association of metallurgists in India with greater interactions between industry and academia aiming at development in the metallurgical domain. Our student’s chapter at PEC which is also associated with the Chandigarh chapter has been helping further this aim though interactions and also conducting events to develop the organizing and soft skills of members with the events being conducted keeping in mind the goals of our parent body. We have had getogethers of the IIM Chandigarh chapter bringing together members from industry and our student members. These gathering have evolved over time and presently act as knowledge sharing sessions for IIM members. In one such knowledge sharing session our students got a chance to interact with Shri Chandra Mohan (Founder of Swaraj Tractors and one of our esteemed alumni). Furthermore the student chapter of IIM has helped organize regional level rounds for the preliminary round for the annual quiz which is held on National Metallurgist Day organized by IIM nationally where all chapters are invited. Internally also IIM has been at the forefront of creating more awareness about materials and metallurgy through inter-PEC quizzes and events at the annual technical quizzes. In addition, tours for students of metallurgy to different industrial units such as Mahindra casting plant near Chandigarh have also been organized with the help of the local Chandigarh chapter.


Officer Incharge Prof RK Mahajan Metallurgy (+91)9988480900 rkmahajan@pec.edu.in


Joint Secretary

Harminder Kaur