Speakers’ Association And Study Circle

SAASC, also known as the Speakers’ Association and Study Circle is the college’s only official literary club. It is responsible for initiating logical thinking, creativity and a sense of leadership within the students. The three forums that SAASC supports are quizzing, writing and speaking for which SAASC as an organization helps the budding engineers of PEC develop a lot of important skills necessary for their growth not only academically but also socially.

Among the many events this club has hosted, in order to develop the above mentioned skills in students, has been PEC’s only literary fest – Verve’. Verve is a challenging fest which allows an individual to improve his or her thinking capability and also help inculcate communication skills. At Verve we hosted a series of events ranging from parliamentary debates, group discussions, just a minute sessions, quizzes which saw the participation of students not only from the college but from all over the tricity as well. Cash prizes up to a whopping amount of 1 Lakh were awarded to the winners.

PECMUN was introduced last year by the club as a part of the technical fest. Students from various schools and colleges had registered as delegates for this event in a huge number. The event was a tremendous success.

Trivium for schools shows that SAASC is not only restricted to the colleges but it also takes immense interest in teaching the students of schools. This event not only helps improve debating skills but also helps student with their social and communication skills. TFS saw a lot of students participating from various schools from all over the tricity after which parliamentary debating was introduced to the students during the workshops that was conducted few days before the main event. During the main event a series of rounds of Parliamentary Debates’ which were adjudicated by members of the club.

Every year the Intra-PEC PD is hosted by the club for the new recruits so that they get a brief idea about parliamentary debating. Also, they are made aware of how a parliamentary house functions. The recruits form teams and are made to compete against each other whereas the existing members adjudicate.

SAASC is a very prominent club of this university. Be it the technical or the cultural fest, SAASC members show active participation and they are valued for their contribution by the university.

Secretary – Raghav Rai Single (8699041195)

Joint Secretary – Shrome Khanna (9041600012)