The ‘PEC Robotics Society’ is the foremost technical societies in ‘PEC University of Technology’. We have the smartest minds working in sync to create the future of robotics. There are members from every branch, be it ircuital or non circuital with only one thing in common, curiosity. If you ever wanted to know the ins and outs of robotics, or better, make your own robots, then this is the place for you!! We teach you everything you need to know, to build robots and gadgets, ranging from line followers, to gesture controlled bots, to Quadcopter’s and much more. Additionally you get to be part of the various events, workshops and competitions that the society holds annually. That’s not all! You get to decide the project you want to work on and we provide the money and support to your endeavors. The society works on the principle of ‘learn and teach’; hence there will be seniors, around the clock to help you resolve an issue. You can build your bots’ and enter various technical fests held in the top institutes of the country. Many IIT’s feature on the list. These competitions offer lucrative cash prizes. The opportunities our society provides are abundant, but to avail them you have to be a part of it. The question stands, are you smart enough? Every member of the society gets recruited after grueling written test and a personal interview. So if you think you have the passion, the élan to create the future then you could be the next.


Officer Incharge Prof. Manavjeet Kaur CSE (+91)8146592409
Secretary Karanvir Singh      
Joint Secretary Ashish Adhikari      

Joint Secretary

Udit Nohria