The Robotics society is one of the esteemed technical societies of Punjab Engineering College, with members having experience in designing, building and implementing solutions through competitions at various platforms nationally and internationally. The main motive of the Robotics society is to create a problem-solving mindset among the students and help them know the minute intricacies of Robotics ranging from basic line-following robots all the way up to gesture-controlled quadcopters. This doesn't just enlighten the students with the knowledge of the robots but also rewards them with the experience of participating in national and international competitions. The Robotics society provides the students with a platform where they can enhance their creativity and encourage them to think outside the box. All you need for being a part of the Robotics society is a bit of passion and willingness to learn.


  • Independence Day Event: The students made a modified quadcopter for flag hoisting and also a robot was made from scratch with the purpose of presenting the token of appreciation to the dignitaries present at the venue.
  • Soldering workshop: The students were told about the basics of soldering and were also taught how to make a night light circuit.
  • Basic electronics workshop: The students were taught about the various electronic components used in basic electronic circuits.
  • Arduino workshop: Students were taught about the various functions and uses of microcontrollers. Students made circuits with the help of ESP-32.

Benefits of joining the Robotics society :

  • The students get to interact with each other which results in sharing new ideas and also helps them improve their communication skills and leadership qualities.
  • Robotics Society provides the students with the resources and platform to execute their innovative ideas.
  • The workshops conducted by the Robotics society emphasise on practical knowledge and help them solve real-world problems.
  • Being in Robotics Society provides the students with the opportunity to interact with mentors having expertise in their respective fields and gain skills required from an industrial point of view.
  • Apart from technical knowledge the Robotics society also gives an overview of different aspects of running an organization.
S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1. Dr. Tejbir Kaur Officer Incharge 8146592409
2. Mayur Garg Secretary 7889283600  
3. Saksham Garg Joint Secretary 8077406026