Art and Photography Club (APC)

“Everything you can imagine is real and everything that you see around would be someone’s imagination.”

Art and Photography Club is a blend of people who want to capture and create beauty. The club aims to create the opportunities for everyone to discover the artist within themselves. It also gives them the platform to paint their dreams into reality.

We are a group of like-minded people who have a child’s eye for observation, an artist’s taste for beauty and a poet’s expression for emotion. We like to click and paint a bigger picture of our vision. Our purpose is to encourage people to express their thoughts and emotions through art or photography. We urge art and photography fanatics to gather and exchange their knowledge, with the help of events such as workshops, exhibitions and photography tours.

The club has organised sneaker painting, graffiti, bicroma, click and various art and photography related events in past. This year we plan to show you our skills in a little different way. Stay tuned!


Secretary : Shivangi Chopra (9781900012)

Joint Secretary : Esha Tandon (9872602189)