Art and Photography Club (APC)

Art and Photography Club, the omnipresent cultural club of the college, also known as APC is a group of people who are enthusiastic about art and photography. The club is a great stage for students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion to explore, learn and create.The club provides great opportunities for its members to enhance their creativity through painting, photography, craft, sketching, doodling, art therapies and much more. Basics of photography like exposure triangle and composition rules are thoroughly explained in photography workshops. The club also conducts various workshops for the students through which the members acquire proficiency and enhance their skills in photography, art, and craft.

The club holds regular GBMs (General Body Meetings) and discussions to exchange ideas and organize events such as photo walks, field trips, competitions and lectures and workshops by visiting artists. Members of the club also explore the possible opportunities for photography and art projects in collaboration with other campus departments, organize peer-to-peer portfolio reviews and explore the possibilities of exhibitions on and off campus.The Art and Photography Club is active all around the year. Not only does it conduct its events, competitions and workshops, but it is also responsible for the decorations of all the events in the college.

Some of the Workshops that APC conducts on an annual basis include:

  1. Camera Handling workshops in collaboration with Sony and Canon with their professionals and cameras giving exposure to students to different aspects of photography.
  2. Photography introductory, advanced and composition workshops for students who are interested in developing their skills in photography and designing with different softwares including Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. Canva Workshop, digital poster making and designing workshops are also held in intervals.
  3. Photo-walks for basics of photography round the year at locations like Sukhna Lake, and Capitol Complex for members to learn wildlife, architecture, portrait and other photography genres.
  4. Light Painting workshop and Smoke Photography workshop giving a wider horizon to all students in what ways can they pour down their thoughts and imagination by clicking photographs in different modes.
  5. Mandala art, sketching, painting, coloring, origami and calligraphy workshops are usually held as therapeutic seminars in order to increase engagement within the club and thus increasing their interest towards arts even in their free times. These workshops are held in both offline and online mode with industry experts and experienced seniors.

Events conducted by APC in the college are not only fun but also leave a mark on the students to participate more in the events. Some of the fun activities and competitions that APC conducts include the following:

  1. Graffiti Competition
    This competition is conducted with the objective to make the University a little more dynamic and artistic in nature through abstract artwork representing the different faculties, thus creating a sense of identity.
  2. Shoe painting competition, Clay Modeling Competition, Sand art competition and Outfit Painting Competition
    These types of competitions are held every year in PECFEST with the motive of increasing students’ interests in different forms of art and thus exploring their creative sides.
  3. Photo-walks
    These are conducted throughout the year as a communal activity of club members and photography enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around different locations with cameras for the main purpose of taking pictures of things/people/nature that interest them.
  4. Annual Creative Exhibition
    This annual exhibition lets the club members explore the story of art with innovative, curated exhibitions on paintings and photography and creative experiences and other people to know how diverse the club is and how deep can a person think and how can they bring out their imagination out on a paper or in a photograph.
  5. Light Painting Workshop and Photography Contests like Snapshot, Capture, etc. to give everyone the opportunity to dive deeper into the themes and collect whatever they can through camera lenses.

These are some of the events that are held now from the Art and Photography Club and much more to come in the upcoming years……

APC is in no doubt, the most hardworking and interactive club in the college. We contribute to majorly every event held in college, from extravagant events like PECFest, Independence Day, Republic day, etc to covering intra-college events of various other clubs like Chitrahaar (Dramatics Club), E-Summit (EIC), Dastak (Punjabi Editorial Board), etc. by being a part of the Auditorium decorations or the coverage team of the events.This club provides its members great opportunities to enhance interpersonal skills and have fun while working and learning new things. The Art and Photography Club of PEC allows individuals to be creative and find the purpose of their intelligence and imagination as Albert Einstein said “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.

To be a part of APC, one need not be an artist or a photographer, one just needs to be enthusiastic and courageous enough to bring out the creative, expressive and aesthetic potential in yourself. Every member of the club is allowed to create freely and thus discover their natural inner artists with time.

Secretary : Aryan Raj Vaidya
Joint Secretary : Aditi

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