Art and Photography Club (APC)

A plethora of Arts and Crafts goes around in this world. We at Art and Photography Club do our part in recreational Art, Crafts and Photography skills. We are dedicated towards our work as art forms have become a part of our life be it digital or physical.

As it is rightly said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”. We are trying every bit to enhance the perception of the beholder at every point. We express our love and passion for arts through these two mediums; photography and Art. We are the ones who undertake the decoration and coverage work at various events. We undertake our work with conviction and deliver with determination.

We are a group of like-minded people who have a keen eye for detail. Art is not defined by bounds or limits. An expression of poet, taste for beauty, room for perfection, the drive to create all blend together to make an artist. We love to paint and capture this world’s beauty on the canvas of life. We urge each other to excel in photography and arts, exchanging and becoming better at expressing our ideas in an artistic form. We have held many exhibitions and photo tours in the past and will continue the legacy along with other fun competitions like pot painting, sneakers painting, graffiti, sand art, etc. Stay tuned for more fun and frolic.


Sayansh Jindal


+91 98159 36310

Nidhi Sharma

Joint secretary

+91 81467 16115

Dr. Sandeep Kaur


+91 98888 65659