American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) represents more than 145,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide and is America’s oldest national engineering society. Established in 2014, the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) is a promising student-run organization that contributes to enriching the lives of its students through social events, industry interaction and engineering competitions.

Comprising of regular general body meets and enjoyable events, ASCE PEC also provides a competitive ground for its members through various competitions. These not only help them put the theory learnt in class to practical use, but also encourages them to explore various aspects of Civil Engineering.

Apart from this, ASCE is known to host guest speakers from different spheres of work who enhance the members' lives by sharing their experiences, giving professional advice and providing them with opportunities to interact with proficient people across a number of industries.



    Reconnaissance is an annual Civil engineering Techfest organized by ASCE which comprises of numerous fun filled events which are intended to boost the knowledge and practical skills of students.
    Here are some of the various events organized by us:

    Innovate: A challenging event in which students have to display their creative side by means of technical papers on popular civil engineering concepts.

    Build A Burj: An on-spot team event in which the participants use straws and tape to build a resilient tower

    Inverto: A doozy of an event in which the participants have to build a structure with the specification of area increasing along its height using popsicle sticks and an adhesive. The structures need to be pre prepared for judging on the day of the event with cement blocks.

    Career Carnival: An event to prepare the participants for the placement process with the help of an aptitude test, group discussions followed by in person interviews.


    One of our flagship events, conducted in two parts, casting of canoes followed by concrete canoe testing with a preliminary. It is a design competition where the participants get a chance to showcase their technical skills by building a boat out of concrete. The canoe is tested on the basis of various parameters such as stability, strength, aesthetics, load mix design, and the best design is declared the winner.


    ASCE PEC also conducts outreach program such as Quriosity in order to foster a scientific temperament among students and to acquaint ninth and tenth-graders with the world of competitive exams. It thus introduces them to and encourages them to be a part of the exhilarating world of Civil Engineering.


Being a student-run organisation, ASCE has closely helped students in discovering the intriguing field of Civil Engineering as a career option. Students tend to develop a keen interest in the field especially when they're in a friendly environment, like the one provided by ASCE.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge that ASCE provides, it organizes field trips to ongoing project sites and renowned landmarks.

Even though ASCE revolves around Civil Engineering, it's not limited to that field. Organising social events, competitions that are open to all and hosting guest speakers from different walks of life help people from other backgrounds expand their horizon of knowledge as well.

Thus, being a part of ASCE will contribute to the overall development of you, as a person and as an engineer.

S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1. Prof. Har Amrit Singh Sandhu Officer Incharge (O/I) 9888607006
2. Akhilesh Malguria Secretary 6006848102  
3. Aaditya Tanwar Joint-Secretary 8727836654