SME is a nonprofit association of professionals, educators and students committed to promoting and supporting the manufacturing industry. SME helps manufacturers innovate, grow and prosper by promoting manufacturing technology, developing a skilled workforce and connecting the manufacturing industry. SME supports manufacturing based on our core belief: Manufacturing is key to economic growth and prosperity.

Here at SME- PEC Chapter, we focus on inculcating the core aspects of manufacturing aligning itself with this rapidly changing industry. Our goal is to create a community of like-minded engineers and try to come up with a collective solution to various engineering problems while making fun-to do projects in order to learn via practical application.

Major Events done by the club:

Workshops: We try to provide hands on experience in multiple domains which form the core to any Manufacturing process by inviting Industry Leaders, promoters and by developing knowledge in a like-minded peer group. These workshops include- Machine Shop visits, Casting, Forging, Fabrication, Carpentry, Computer Aided Designing (CAD)/ Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Industrial Robotics and other advanced processes/ technologies.

Major Events:

  • Angry Catapult: To build a catapult on site as efficient as possible with the equipment’s provided and the dedicated time allotted.
  • Pirate Fight: A competition among self-manufactured boats complying with the given geometrical specifications to check the most robust and well maneuvered boat.
  • Product Innovation Challenge: To present a product design post analyzing the case study given, the best product wins.

How will joining SME benefit you?

It will help you strengthen your manufacturing acumen and technical knowledge in the field of engineering and enable you to work on real life projects both in teams and single-handedly.

S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1. Prof. N M Suri Officer Incharge - nmsuri@pec.edu.in
2. Dushyand Sehjal Secretary 9878162678  
3. Ayush Kumar Joint Secretary 7508024973