Amateur Astronomy can be challenging, especially when learning about the sky. The Astronomy & Space Physics Society is a hub for passionate space enthusiasts collectively working to understand the great workings of the universe whilst sharing mutual awe for the cosmos. Starting off with Star-gazing sessions and branching out to more varied events like Astronomy quizzes(Brahmand), our flagship Hydroblast( the water rocket challenge), to special research talks by learned speakers: if none are available the students take the initiative to delve deep into the topic to ensure that no question remains unanswered. Typical to Astronomy lovers, the club often holds observatory sessions facilitated by two prominent telescopes - Celestron Astromaster 130EQ and the unparalleled Celestron CGX-L Telescope 14" EdgeHD.

The club consistently pushes its members to go above and beyond, and ensures that at least one team from Asps participates in Cansat, an international satellite-making competition.

Major Events:

Hydroblast: Build your own rocket from a 2L plastic water bottle and attach a parachute to it.
Star-gazing: Experience the brilliance of the cosmos with your own eyes.

How joining the club will help the students:

Asps stands for excellence and encourage its members to do the same through multiple channels. Asps is not just a society it is a medium connecting us with the constellations and vast unknowns of the cosmos

S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1. Prof. Shilpi Chaudhary Faculty Advisor 9878431511
2. Agrim Arya Secretary 7833042631  
3. Gaurav Pant Joint secretary  9650027978