SAE brings together all automobile enthusiasts which include Engineers Executives from Industry, Government Officials, Academics and Students to provide them a forum to discuss the trends, new technologies and ideas for the development of automotive industry.

SAE INDIA is an affiliate of the SAE INTERNATIONAL Organisation which undertakes the organisation of the following events every year:

  2. BAJA
  4. GO-KART

SUPRA SAE INDIA: It is an inter-college competition to design, manufacture and race an F1 prototype track racing vehicle that has to race on the prestigious Buddh International Circuit against other college teams. It is an experience of a lifetime to make a vehicle of that sort and to drive it on a track where legends like Michael Schumacher have driven is a dream come true for us students.

BAJA: BAJA is also an inter-college competition to design, manufacture and race but, an off-road vehicle in the muddy track of Indore. This is completely different from SUPRA in terms of muddy track, high ground clearances, off road experience and a whole new dimension of rally racing. Our college has been participating in this competition for the past 6 years now and has proven its metal by giving 2 podium finishes in just 6 competitions.

EFFICYCLE: It is an event to design, manufacture and race a 3 wheeled electrically powered, vehicle which is energy efficient and fast. This tests maximum engineering skill in the simplest way possible. An interesting and innovating event which our college has been participating in since its start and each year improving on the designs and innovations.

GO-KART: It is our recent initiative to participate in this competition which gives us immense opportunity to design and fabricate a four wheeled vehicle without suspension and differential still performing best on track.


Officer Incharge Prof. Sushant Samir Mechanical (+91)9888863162 sushantsamir@pec.edu.in
Secretary Nikunj Sharma      
Joint Secretary Nehul Narang