At SAE or the Society of Automotive engineers our motive is to create a place for the gathering of automotive enthusiasts irrespective of their background, which offers them a place to discuss the trends, new technologies, and ideas for the future of the automotive sector. There are members from every branch, be it circuital or non-circuital with only one thing in common, curiosity. So, if you ever wanted to know bumper to bumper about the mechanical horse you see everywhere grab a seat and fasten your seatbelts.

We will teach you everything you need ranging from suspensions, engines, transmissions, gears and so on, so at the end you can contribute in completing the ultimate goal of the society, designing and manufacturing the formula -1 vehicle (FSAE) and the off-roader (BAJA).

The society works on the principle of ‘learn and teach’; hence there will be seniors, around the clock to help you resolve an issue. Our society offers numerous chances, but in order to take use of them, you must be a part of it. The question is, are you diligent enough? Every member of society is hired following a rigorous written test and a personal interview. So, if you believe you have the drive and vision to shape the future, you could be the next.

SAE INDIA is an affiliate of the SAE INTERNATIONAL Organisation which undertakes the organisation of the following events every year:

  2. BAJA

SUPRA SAE INDIA: It is an inter-college competition to design, manufacture and race an F1 prototype track racing vehicle that has to race on the prestigious Buddh International Circuit against other college teams. It is an experience of a lifetime to make a vehicle of that sort and to drive it on a track where legends like Michael Schumacher have driven is a dream come true for us students.

BAJA: BAJA is also an inter-college competition to design, manufacture and race but, an off-road vehicle in the muddy track of Indore. This is completely different from SUPRA in terms of muddy track, high ground clearances, off road experience and a whole new dimension of rally racing. Our college has been participating in this competition for the past 6 years now and has proven its metal by giving 2 podium finishes in just 6 competitions.

How would it help students by joining SAE?

  • Students become a part of not just a college society but a bigger family all around the world.
  • Developing design skills in the field of automotive engineering
  • Building a vehicle from the ground up provides an experience like no other. Members get to design BAJA buggy and FSAE car and in doing so, understand all the technical aspects of the vehicle. It also helps to develop a problem-solving mindset.
  • Students would get the chance to participate in national events where they can show off their talents and at the same time learn about a lot of new innovations other teams bring along with them.
  • SAE Members get access to first-to-market technical insights, best-in-class technical resources, and connections with a global network of leading industry experts. Members also receive discounts on professional development, publications, and more.
S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1. Dr. ChanderKant Susheel Officer Incharge 9418575700 chanderkantsusheel@pec.edu.in
2. Abhinav Bharia Secretary 9664333583  
3. Kshitij Upadhyay Joint Secretary 7088454717