Music Club

The Music Club, one of the most prestigious and popular clubs of the institute has the responsibility of creating the sense of musical aura across the campus. The members of the club take part in various intra and inter institute events throughout the year along with hosting various musical performances in the institute throughout the two semesters. Year around workshops are organised that cover all genres of music- Bollywood, western, Punjabi, pop, rock and rap.

The Club is a major contributor to intra institute activities including Independence Day celebrations, Republic Day celebrations etc. The club is also the principal host of SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music among Youth).The Club hosts various events throughout the two semesters with musical performances by the members of the club. The first performance CHORDS is the biggest event of the club in the 1st semester of every year, in which the new recruits of the club are introduced. It is closely followed by FRIDAY NIGHTS which is a new initiative that takes place in the student hub, PEC-Market, showcasing performances majorly by the third year. The second semester is started with ENCORE which contains an explosive mixture of performances from various members. The last event of the club is INTERLUDE which is the last performance of the year reserved majorly for the graduating year.

The Club is majorly involved during the PEC Fest and is solely responsible for the megashow Rock Night Event. It also hosts various inter institute competitions during the Fest. The Club also has a vibrant history of winning competitions outside the institute. 

Secretary : Adarsh Srivastav (9718252169)

Joint Secretary : Nayaab Sharma (9779696840)