Music Club

Would you ever have thought that there was a place where Metal-heads, Qawali lovers, Jazz musicians, fans of Rap, Pop, Punjabi Music and Bollywood songs could all vibe together? As astonishing as it may sound, PEC Music Club makes it happen.

The music club is an absolute behemoth of talent, making it one of the most prestigious and popular clubs of the college. As a member of the club, you get a chance not only to hone your skills but also grow holistically as a musician.


The Music Club is always at the forefront of institutional events like Independence Day, Republic Day etc., mesmerizing everyone with their unique performances. Besides the institutional events, Music Club also hosts its own events. The first event of the year is CHORDS where the freshers of the club get a chance to showcase their talent. And believe us when we say that the freshers enter the club with a bang! Just as the second semester of the year is beginning and classes are making life dreary, Music Club brings the color back into college life with our next event, ENCORE. And as all always, the audience is left wanting more.

The end of each year is a bittersweet time for everyone, especially for the graduating year. As a final goodbye, and as a homage to their time in college, the final year students present the last event of the year, INTERLUDE. Words cannot express the emotions that every performance of this event carries. If you’re left wanting more, Music Club has you covered because besides all these events, there’s tons of other events where the club takes the center stage. FRIDAY NIGHTS, PECFEST, CONFERENCES, you name it and The Music Club will be front and center. The Club also has a vibrant history of winning competitions outside the institute.


Well, it’s quite simple actually. Do you love music? Do you love the adrenaline rush of being cheered on by hundreds of people while you perform? Do you want to learn and become a better musician than you ever thought you could be? If your answer is yes, The Music Club is the place for you.

The Music Club will provide you with a platform, a group of peers, and supportive seniors, all which will lead to your growth as a musician. We hold workshops for freshers where we teach them the ins and outs of their craft and then each event provides a comprehensive learning experience.

Secretary : Akshit Rattan
Joint Secretary : Ishroop Kaur

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