Music Club

The Music Club, one of the most prestigious and sought-after clubs of the institute carries the responsibility of instilling a sense of musical and cultural wonder. The members of the club take part in various intra and inter institute events throughout the year while hosting a multitude of musical performances over the two semesters. Year-round workshops are organised, covering a plethora of genres- Bollywood, western, Punjabi, pop, rock and rap.

The Club is a major contributor to intra institute activities including Independence Day celebrations, Republic Day celebrations and other important landmark-festivities. The numerous events hosted by the club, feature memorable and charismatic performances by the members. The first of these-CHORDS is the biggest event of the club during every odd semester, in which the club’s new recruits are introduced. It is closely followed by FRIDAY NIGHTS that takes place in the student hub, PEC-Market, showcasing performances majorly by the third year. The second semester kicks off with ENCORE which contains an explosive mixture of infectious performances. The last event of the academic year is INTERLUDE, is reserved for parting performances by the graduating year. Coping with the limitations set on this semester by Covid-19, the club is also actively working to provide content and events for its members and followers amidst the lockdown. Online events and competitions for Vocalists, Instrumentalists and Rappers have been planned to take place on the online PEC forum and have transformed into the new normal. This year also brings the first ever ONLINE INHOUSE EVENT which will have members performing live from their homes for the enjoyment of all PECobians. These events exist in hope to keep the energy of the club vibrant and active during unprecedented times.

The annual PECFest is marked with the club’s events, it being the sole organising and coordinating force behind the megashow Rockathon Event. It also hosts various inter institute competitions during the Fest. The Club has an exuberant history of winning external competitions. Our members have made us proud with their achievements at various intercollege fests like Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay), Zeitgeist (IIT Ropar), Antarangi (IIT Kanpur), Insomnia (IISER Mohali), Hill Fair (NIT Hamirpur) and many more, each being a new feather in the Music Club’s caps.


Secretary : Anito Joshy (+919877493554)

Joint Secretary : Vipul Gupta (+919417553060)

O/I Music Club : Prof. Chander Kant Susheel (+919418575700)