Rotaract Club

Rotaract Club, PEC, Chandigarh is a youth program of the prestigious Rotary International under the district code 3080. It is supported by the Rotary Club Chandigarh. It aims to promote the virtue of responsible leadership by providing promising youngsters the opportunity to better understand, embody, and promote the characteristics of responsible citizenship and effective leadership.

Some of the events undertaken to fulfill the aforementioned objective include eye camps, visits to orphanages and old age homes, Rotaract Cricket League, Couture with rags, Inbox, blood drives, debates etc.

Last session saw Rotaract Club initiating yet another act to help reach out to the less privileged by starting an event of candle selling. The deaf and dumb students from one of the homes from the city were encouraged to make candles which were then sold to the students of the college. The initiative was warmly received by the students who bought candles in large numbers. The proceeds were then used to buy essentials for the welfare of the candle makers.

The session also saw the club making its presence felt at the district level. One of the Rotaractors from the club won the Best Speaker award at a district level debate while two Rotaractors bagged the second and the third position at another debate.

In another event for the disabled people, the club organized a number of activities to provide a platform for the participants to indulge in cultural and fun activities. The activities hosted were based on singing, poetry and experience sharing.

Keeping in line with the tradition of sticking to its approach of holistic development, the club aims to undertake further such activities in the coming sessions.


Secretary: Priya Soni (9888029414)

Joint Secretary: Manjinder Singh (7529843963)