Rotaract Club

With 'Service above Self' as its motto, Rotaract Club, PEC, Chandigarh, is a prestigious Rotary International youth program under the district code 3080. Supported by the Rotary Club Chandigarh, it aims to promote the virtue of responsible leadership by providing promising youngsters with the opportunity to understand better, embody, and promote the characteristics of responsible citizenship and effective leadership.

Some of the events undertaken to fulfill the objective, as mentioned earlier, are Aadhvitha, Macarena, Inbox, In-reach, Fin-o-knowledge, visits to nursing homes and orphanages etc. The last session saw Rotaract Club initiating yet another act to help reach out to the less privileged by starting a one-stop shop selling t-shirts, clothing accessories etc. Aadhvitha was one such initiative, where the Rotaract club of pec collaborated with Vriddhi to develop the soft skills of the younger generations of the less privileged section of society and sell these items and raise funds for the NGO itself.

Similarly, In association with our parent rotary Rotary Club Chandigarh Central, Rotaract Club PEC organized "MACARENA" - A Dance Marathon & Dj Night, to successfully raise 30k for the cause "EK HAATH AASHA KA," an initiative of Rotaract Club Chandigarh Central and Rotaract Club Pune Downtown to raise money for the donation of mechanical, prosthetic hands to the disadvantaged section of society.

Not forgetting about the latter part of our motto, the club has also organized events like In-reach and Fin-o-knowledge to help young students develop better financial knowledge and learn more about various avenues of approach in their professional careers and how to work towards developing upon these career paths. Keeping in line with the tradition of sticking to its holistic development approach, the club aims to undertake further such activities in the coming sessions.

Since college is all about learning, experiencing and exploring who one is, Rotaract Club provides the best platform to kickstart this journey. The club not only helps develop a sense of service towards society but also helps each individual look for who they are and develop upon that while working towards building new skills.

Secretary: Ishita Gupta
Joint Secretary: Aryan Chaudhary

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