Aerospace Technical Society (ATS)

Aerospace Technical Society is an interdisciplinary society which focuses on the amalgamation of various different engineering areas such as electronics, mechanical, aeronautical and computer science. Its primary aim is to make students acquainted of the leading areas in aerospace research and industry via various practical projects in the field of Aeromodelling, CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics), electronics etc. Some of its major projects include RC (Remote Controlled) Aircraft, Avion Rocket Motor, Hovercraft Design and Fabrication etc. The society has been consistently involved in participating across various Aeromodelling events and fests organized across the nation in several IITs. Some of its major achievements include getting the first position in the Hover-On competition organized at the Thapar University, bagging the third position at the Boeing Aeromodelling event (Prelims) organized at IIT Kharagpur etc. Along with project oriented knowledge, it also focuses on imparting high end theoretical knowledge to students in the field of Aircraft Design, Aerodynamics, Computational Application and Engineering etc.


S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1 Tejinder Kumar Jindal Officer Incharge (O/I) (+91)9417133408
2 Anmol Aulakh Secretary    
3 Shivangar Bali Joint Secretary