Projection Design Club

Creativity. A Word, one which is passed and tossed from here and there but one which is limitless too. We present you the Projection and Design Club at the Punjab Engineering College which embodies your Vision and aspirations to express your undefined ideas and ground-breaking thoughts. From making eye-catching Designs which truly carry away your Mind to creating an awe-inspiring experience, the club helps appreciate the Creation of Art. With the progression of technology and ever-increasing growth, the Club and its Members have gained expertise at some of the widely known and used Industry Software’s such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator to name a few. With a collective mindset of helping create and instil the very essence of creativity in the Young aspiring minds, we at Projection and Design Club organise numerous Competitive events bring together People from different spheres of life to tell their Stories to the World. The Club also actively participates in a vast multitude of events in reputed institutions across the country. We welcome you to join us on this Epic Journey of never-ending excitement. For the Academic Session of 2020-2021 at the Punjab Engineering College, the Projection and Design Club has elected the following personnel commanding Operations and placing them at helm:

  • O/I of the Club: Prof. Ankit Yadav
  • Secretary of the Club: Mr. Raghav Bansal
  • Joint Secretary of the Club: Mr. Shivam Mehta