Projection Design Club

Projection and Design Club (PDC), one of the prominent clubs of PEC, is a group for people who are enthusiastic about videography, video editing, digital designing, animation etc. The club provides excellent opportunities for its members to express their creativity and skills through fan art illustrations, video edits, posters, short films, documentaries, etc.

We organize events throughout the year, showcase movies, design posters, marketing brochures, and other digital art for various events like PECFEST, Convocation, Orientation, Open House, Alumni Meet, etc. We also create in-house videos that involve scripting, shooting, directing, and editing and we take care of coverage of all the events and functions in PEC.

The club conducts workshops for the students through which the members acquire proficiency in designing and editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Audition. We also conduct Camera Handling workshops where various movie directional skills like handling a camera, taking multiple shots, lighting, cinematography, and enhancing video features are taught. Our club has a YouTube Channel where we upload our original short films like FourPlay, Perplexed, Ehsaas, The Diary, etc.

PDC organizes several in-house events throughout the year (in addition to our club’s participation in PEC’s events).

PEC Film Festival

“PEC Film Festival” is our flagship event that we host at PECFEST. It is a nationwide short movie/documentary-making competition in which short movies/documentaries from the country are invited and screened. The finest videos are awarded cash prizes.

Design Showdown

“Design Showdown” is our design flagship event, also hosted at PECFEST by the club. It is a designing challenge held across the nation that invites designers to showcase their culture design skill. Participants submit their creative renditions of fan art/ movie posters from their favourite pop culture, movies, show, anime etc. Winners are awarded with cash prizes.


PDC organizes Lumiere to celebrate all the freshers that join the club. This event is for the freshers and by the freshers. It inculcates enthusiasm and interest in students regarding everything film making. With proper and systematic guidance from seniors, freshers create a short film from scratch (on any category of their choice). This event is one of our most celebrated ones because it brings a lot of learning and experience with it.


An Animation/Gif making competition that was recently started by the club invites illustrative animations/gifs from all over the nation based on a theme. This is a great opportunity to portray designs in a creative way and bring life to them by using motion.


This is a fun all-in-one competition. DiDesign is a designing competition, exclusively held intra PDC, where all the participants compete in a group of 5-6. All the groups are mentored by experienced seniors and each group is provided with one design theme/technique. Participants from each group create designs based on the theme given to them. The seniors take workshops to teach techniques and mentor their group. This is a really fun group competition where the participants learn a lot while also creating some original unique designs while stepping out of their comfort zone.


Brisk is a thematic film making contest, funded and organized by an esteemed PDC Alumni. It invites wonderful opportunity to learn videography and skills like scripting, shooting, directing, editing and bringing that theme to life into your film. As incentive, a hefty cash prize is also awarded by the Alumni.

What will PDC give you?

PDC becomes a club that teaches a very important skills in today’s time of the digital era where making quality content is as important as consuming it. We empower and teach you everything you need to know in order to start your creative journey.

PDC is the college’s creative need, any and all events’ creative requirements are fulfilled by us. From making documentaries for important events to designing flexes and standees that stand proudly in full size in our campus showcasing our member’s talents.

PDC is present at the all the big events like Orientation, Convocation, Alumni Meet etc. so you can also jump up to the world of Organizing Committee from joining us.

PECFEST’s creative committee is mostly (if not exclusively) only PDC members because of our skill and talent. This gives a very good exposure and gives you a sense of great responsibility and authority. It’ll give you a chance to be a creative joint head or a sub head or even the Creative Head. Since PDC is also responsible for coverage of many events, it gives you a backstage access to all the big guns especially if you want to meet the star upfront on PECFEST’s nights. ;)

Secretary : Aryan Gautam
Joint Secretary : Akagra Ravi

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