In this noble project, the students of PEC teach the children of the helping staff of the college, mainly mess workers, security guards, cleaning staff, etc. It is a semester long project and an integral part of NSS,PEC. The project covers the students of all classes and children are taught five days a week. Their teaching involves Content Teaching, Interactive sessions, Test series and Quizzes with the help of videos and presentations. All records are properly maintained and attendance is taken regularly. Regular teaching is an integral part. From time to time, special events such as movies are organized for the children to offer them a break from the studies and keep them refreshed. This project has time and again proved to be the most successful venture of NSS.



Drishti project is a film making project which was started under NSS PEC. The project has ever since promoted awareness through its short films and scintillating videos in general public. This project provides a platform for students to not only increase social awareness on prominent humanitarian issues in society but also enjoy the thrill of making short films. The students involved in this project have made short movies such as "Aasra", "Expectations", "A Lost Battle" and "A Shot At Glory". With the success of every new short film or movie, this project is moving forward and proving to be a brilliant venture on the part of NSS, PEC.



Project Sparsh is an initiative by the NSS Unit of PEC to help the blind students excel in academics despite of their disability. For the execution of this project the University has collaborated with, The Institute for the Blind, Sector 26, Chandigarh (the only institute for the blind in the tri-city). The volunteers of this project record the content from the books that are provided by the blind school. Currently the recordings are done using the help of mobiles and laptops. The recordings are then sent to the blind school via email after proper editing and noise reduction. The students of the institute use these recordings to revise for their exams which help them prepare well for the same. Constant feedback is taken from the school authorities for further improvement in aspiration that this small step will go a long way ahead.



Street play or Nukkad Natak is a form of theatrical performance in outdoor public spaces which aims at spreading awareness about various social and cultural issues prevailing in the society. NSS PEC has been organizing such plays for many years and the plays have gained so much appreciation which encourages them to do even better every year. Last year, a street play titled 'Jago bharat Jago' was performed by the astounding students of NSSPEC, portraying the three major issues prevalent in the society, namely Cleanliness, Women empowerment, and Alcohol Addiction. These plays if and as they are targeted towards youth can really stir up emotions, create awareness and lead the way towards positive change. Nukad nataks are an important tool in creating awareness, empowering the youth and utilizing our right to freedom of speech and expression positively. This colloquial form of drama connects with the youth instantly. This enthusiasm if used in the correct manner can lead to drastic changes in our society, changes we wish for.



In this project, the NSS unit of PEC gets achaar prepared from the women of Self Help Groups. The unit provides them with the raw materials (mirchi, oil, salt, etc) at low costs and they prepare the achaar. The prepared achaar is sold at a price cheaper than the market price by NSS volunteers in the college. The money gained from selling the achaar is given to these women as compensation for their labour. This helps in their growth and fulfils the objective of Women Empowerment. It helps generate some employment for these women and provide them an identity of their own.