Communication, Information & Media Cell

Communication, Information & Media Cell is the student media body of the college. It is responsible for handling the PR (Press Release) activities of the college. It caters to the three major domains of the institute including Public Relations, Social Media handles Management, and the Official Newspaper/Newsletter of the institute:

  1. Public relations - The club oversees the institute's media relations and informs the media of events at the institute. This mostly entails covering various campus activities, drafting press releases, taking photographs, and working to ensure that every event is adequately covered by the media.
  2. Newsletter - The club designs and compiles the PEC University of Technology's official newsletter, PECPOST which includes information on all campus activities, newly published research papers, and conferences that faculty members have attended at the national and international levels.
  3. Social Media handles - The members of the Communication Club handle the PEC University of Technology's (Official) Facebook page, Instagram page (, and Official Twitter account (@_PECChandigarh) of PEC.

We, the student administration, are in charge of handling all media relations, and reporting tasks associated with PEC. If any noteworthy events occur, we make sure you are informed and that you discover them to be intriguing.

EVENTS: The club also organizes various interesting events at the institute festival as well as during the academic session such as

  • Blow-off some steam: Facebook based poetry event
  • Netagiri: A mock elections event
  • Shred the Op-Ed: Opinion based article writing event in collaboration with English Editorial Board.
  • Devil’s Advocate: Opinions and defence on unpopular societal topic-based event.

Communication, Information & Media Cell helps in developing a plethora of skills which includes your formal and informal writing, digital, and report content creation. In the CIM group, you will build your soft skills and personality as well as your relationships with the media and journalists in Chandigarh and the Tricity. You will also make some lifelong friends and memories and it will be our pleasure to teach you and develop you into a competent reporter.

Beyond all the club based activities, CIM provides a great environment to all its members to grow multi-dimensionally. CIM offers great networking opportunities and serves as a well bound student community allowing the newer batches to interact, learn and take specific career and non career based guidance from their experienced seniors in the club.

Secretary : Aakash Deo
Joint Secretaries : Om Soni