Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE PEC, one of the largest technical societies at PEC, is an exemplary platform for students to polish their technical skillset and helps them in their personal professional growth. IEEE organizes various workshops, events extensively covering various domains whether it’s coding, programming skills in C++, Arduino or Hardware workshops for designing and building various bots. With 100+ active members, IEEE-PEC has been the strongest technical society not only in institute but entire region, for years it has served as a platform, with objective of spreading knowledge for enhancement of computer science, electrical and electronics engineers. From Guest lectures from Industry experts to providing a quality and competitive environment, IEEE has done it all. We have organized various coding competitions with online platforms like Hackerrank and have participated in various national level events as well.

IEEE PEC Student Chapter conducted its flagship event Techadroit from 1st – 3rd April 2022. Techadroit was a 3 days long amalgamation of competitions and webinars.

First Event included a 24-hour long event Software Hackathon. The challenge is to work on a real life problem and provide a template for a practical solution to those problems/startups using latest technologies and integrate them to provide a real solution.

Techadroit presented a webinar on entrepreneurship and insights into VR/metaverse where speaker shared his experience in the related fields of metaverse NFTs etc.

Programming has become an essential component in every aspect of our personal and professional lives whether it’s in financial business, marketing, gathering information, sharing creativity etc. In the spirit of making programming challenge yet a fun hobby, Techadriot organized Code N Go competition. Code N GO presented a unique challenge to young programmers where decision making and programming skil under a time limit were put to a test. 'Code N Go' is where you have to write code with speed of light to win.

Hardware designing is another Pillar in designing a practical solution that contributes to the society. Are you a hardware enthusiasts, if yes this is your chance to show one of your amazing projects to others and win exciting prizes.

In all technical events, ofcourse we can’t neglect fun. Fun events increase out efficiency and unlocks new creative ideas. Techadriot organised a fun valorant contest where students were given an opportunity to flex on their gaming skills.

Why You Join The Society i.e IEEE, PEC STUDENT CHAPTER?

  • Technical Prowess
    As you can get an idea from the events that we conduct, the goal is provide a combination of programming skill as well as an intuition to building an Hardware. IEEE also helps students who want to pursue their interest in research fields by providing them a starting path and relevant guidance bring them in touch with people who have a great research background.
  • Become a part of worldwide Organisation
    IEEE is not limited to student chapter but these chapter are a part of a worldwide organization for electrical and electronics engineers. The biggest technical professional association in the world, IEEE works to advance technology for the good of all.

And Most Importantly Fun
The idea behind the society is to make use of knowledge that we learn and put them into test to make something unique and fun. The creativity and participation is what drives IEEE to organize the events it always has.

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