The Solar Energy Society of India PEC (SESI PEC) is a technical society that has constantly been trying to connect students from PEC itself and from different colleges across India to participate to promote renewable energy in India. This society is a branch of other higher organizations at the national and international levels in our university.

The Higher organizations of which we are part are: -

The Solar Energy of India (SESI) is the Indian Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). ISES was founded in 1954. It’s headquarter is in Breisgau, Germany. First established in 1978 with its secretariat in New Delhi. SESI has an ambitious goal to put across its message of using Renewable energy far and wide.

Its interests cover all aspects of renewable energy, including characteristics, effects, and methods of use, and it provides a common ground to all those concerned with the nature and utilization of this renewable non-polluting resource.

Major Events:

  • Solar Lamp Workshop: Workshop for school students for understanding Solar Energy and making Solar Lamps
  • Solar Bot Workshop: Workshop for making car using solar panels.

How joining the club will help the students:

The Solar Energy Society of India (SESI) will help them by promoting the extensive and effective usage of Solar energy for the promotion of sustainability progress, electricity availability, electricity stability, low-carbon economic growth, prosperity, and resources, like bioenergy and hydropower.

Going environment friendly has not just become a fad of the day, it has come to be an essential parameter. People today are looking for environment friendly options for all walks in life for over 2 decades now. While the western world is totally bent on recycling and creating healthy options for living, India too has picked up on the venture. It is creating employment opportunities for the youth as well. Creating solar panels and harnessing the power of solar energy has helped in saving huge amount of energy and add environment friendly options in people’s lives. Some advantages to student:

  • Students learn innovative technology.
  • Huge job opportunities.
  • Future potential of growth.
  • Global opportunity knocks at the door of a trained individual.
  • International funding makes pay packages huge.
S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1. Prof. Jaimala Gambhir Officer Incharge 9876423530 jgambhir@pec.edu.in
2. Puneet Secretary 8168926267  
3. Ayush Kumar Joint Secretary 7508024973