Punjabi Editorial Board

Punjab is well known for its energetic and enthusiastic culture. The compassion and high spiritedness exhibited in the lifestyle of the people of Punjab along with its rich heritage is excellently presented by the Punjabi Editorial Board. Being one of the three Editorial Boards of PEC, PEB unceasingly brings forward the true essence of Punjab in the entirety of it. With numerous events and activities, it is one of the most active clubs which never fails to shower its members and its audience, all the same - with an unlimited amount of excitement and thrill.

PEB has six disciplines under it, ensuring each and every member of the PEB fam has an opportunity to grow and take responsibilities in the field they feel driven and enthusiastic for.

The various disciplines of PEB are:

  • Bhangra
  • Giddha
  • Theatre
  • Singing
  • Malwai Giddha
  • Literature

Along with the energetic performances of Bhangra, Giddha, Malwai Giddha, Theatre and Singing; the diversity and the uniqueness of the state can be seen in the poetry, spirituality and the rich literature it has. In an effort to encapsulate the richness, PEB’s literature includes poetry, magazines and folktale rendition- ‘Mithihaas’. The trail of exciting events starts with the Orientation performances where we welcome the budding engineers to PEC and introduce them to the warmth and fun of the Punjabi Editorial board while giving them a glimpse of the big happy family that we are.

As soon as the students become part of the PEB fam, we welcome our new members with an enthralling event called DASTAK, where we encourage students to push their limits and get their first experience of the stage, in their first semester. PEB members can be seen showcasing their immense talent during our technical-cultural festival - PECFEST, in the event of Rang Punjab De. Our Bhangra teams' competitive spirit is brought out with the exciting Bhangra Theque during PECFEST where we always manage to bring home the glory and the trophy, of course.

At last, a happy send-off to the PEB family in their last semester is the event called Raunakaan, where they take over the stage one last time but immortalize their experiences with nothing short of a blast. We at PEB, proudly claim that our members are always ready to take on the challenges of college life as they prepare to become responsible members of the Board and loyal friends to each other.

They don’t only brush their skills in various disciplines but also learn to handle success and failure like a boss. At the end of a tiring and exhausting day, one thing that perfectly cheers us up is chanting at the top of our lungs - "WE ARE PEB!”

Secretary: Mehakpreet Singh
Joint Secretary: Rishabh Verma