Hindi Editorial Board


Hindi Editorial Board ( HEB ) is one of the 3 Editorial boards of PEC Chandigarh. The main aim of this club is to make students aware of the rich literary culture that is available in this language and also to encourage them to contribute to this. The Club has successfully conducted various events in the college and has been appreciated by a lot of special guests who are experts in the field of writing. Apart from that, students from HEB have gone to events organized by various colleges (including IITs) and have won there too.

Hindi Editorial Board also helps you in expressing your thoughts through poems and articles in the Hindi language. Every year a few sessions are done for our new recruits wherein they’re taught about the basics of ghazal, nazm, shayri and other forms of poetries. We make sure that your creative side never dies and help you bring the best out of you.

Major Events Done By The Club

Throughout the academic year various events are conducted by the club. However every year, on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, a 4 day program is conducted by the club in college wherein various events are conducted. Many respected speakers and poets are also invited to these events. Students are provided with a chance to perform on stage and are also exposed to the richness of the Hindi language. Apart from this some of our other major events that include Bazm-e-shayri, Chakrvyuh, Sansad Ki Goonj etc are conducted during PECfest which is our college’s biggest cultural function, and hence participation from across the colleges is observed in them.

How Joining the Club will help the Students

So now comes the ultimate question. Why should you join the Hindi Editorial Board? Our club encourages its members to write on their own and also help them learn the art of writing. We provide you with a stage where you can express yourselves and you can also learn from the respected writers who we call in our events. Not only that, we know how many of you’re enthusiastic readers so we as a club can help you find the best poets and writers to read and learn about. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!!

Secretary : Shivam Arora

Joint Secretary : Vikram Seth