English Editorial Board


The English Editorial Board (EEB) is a group of individuals who have a passion for writing, and are enthusiastic about the English language and literature.

The Editorial Board is in charge of publishing their annual magazine for PEC, Vista, where the writings of the board members are displayed along with the most-read section of interviews of the highly coveted graduating seniors. In addition, the board also publishes the yearly Souvenir, the college’s official convocation book for graduating seniors. Biannually, there’s also a comic magazine called Ragmag, involving doodles about and around PEC. Our work also involves our internal magazine (Maglagan), Instagram page (@beansta.pec), and Wordpress Blog (Bean Sight) that we update on a regular basis.

Major Events of EEB

Throughout the year, EEB organizes several entertaining events/activities to increase the base for English writing and reading on campus, one of our annual event, Slam, is never a fail. Participants from across colleges come to be a part and create a competitive atmosphere.

And while Slam, which is open to all, provides an incredible opportunity for students to unleash their lyrical and poetic skills and abilities, EEB also conducts Open Mic, where the participants have no criterial boundary and candidacy comes in every language from English to Hindi to Punjabi. There are PECFest-based competitions like Wordict, FanCon, Twist-A-Script etc., are held for students that include testing their literature skills. The competitions are ideated and conducted to test the participant's logical thinking, literature knowledge, grammar, creativity, competency, and leadership and to help them overcome stage fright.

How joining the club will help the students ?

Every institute has at least one Editorial Board, which has a prominent presence among students. English student organizations are fantastic places for students to make new friends and acquire new skills. And since this club guarantees a pizza party after every event they organise, the applicants who want to be a part of this club are never a low number. The club empowers students in improving their English communication skills while having a great time.

Clubs are excellent resources for students searching for activities to arrange on campus or in their communities. This club allows students to organise or partake in activities based on their interests without worrying about skipping class or missing project deadlines. The English Editorial Board contributes to a dynamic campus atmosphere by making English less daunting and more enthralling. With frequent club get-togethers, the club ensures that every member feels included. By being a part of EEB, the student will be able to improve their communication skills and language by giving a forum for them to present their finest.

Secretary: Kalash Jain
Joint Secretary: Saachi Talwar

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beansta.pec/
Wordpress Blog: https://englishedboard.wordpress.com/home/