Aerospace Technical Society (ATS)

Aerospace Technical Society (ATS), the only aeromodelling society of the college, strives to make aerospace interactive and fun at the same time. It is a junction wherein all the technical disciplines come together to work on a common goal be it Computer Science in Mission Planning and Flight Optimisation, Electronics and Communication as part of Avionics and Radar, Mechanical methods for Airframe Design, Civil methods for structural process, Production for aircraft manufacturing and Metallurgy for material selection. The society's goal is to give its’ members hands-on experience through aeromodelling activities and expose them to industry-level approaches that will improve their ability to solve problems and foster teamwork.

The Society has a great track record, with its teams going on to participate and win accolades in various reputed events. Within the 2022-23 session, a team from the society built an RC airship and competed in the Model Airship Regatta, and Competition held at IIT Bombay, being the first team from all of north India to do so. The teams also won first and third place in the RC Craft Category at Technoxian's World Robotics Championship, which was held in Delhi.

Through blogging and group discussions, the society also aims to keep students up to date on current aerospace events in addition to project-oriented information. Overall, students from all branches are welcome to join ATS!!

S.No. Name Position Contact No. Email
1 Tejinder Kumar Jindal Officer Incharge (O/I) (+91)9417133408
2 Shashwat Rastogi Secretary    
3 Yogesh Vashisht Joint Secretary