Why Recruit at PEC ?


With the number of college graduates rising every year, employers must be strategic in selecting where to recruit. Punjab Engineering College is on the short list of technological institutes targeted by many elite companies because interns and full-time hires from PEC have been success within their organisations. The academic and leadership credentials of our students, the calibre of our accomplished faculty, the immaculate academic offerings based on IIT’s Academic Model and the variety of extracurricular education, available to our students come together to provide a unique and spectacular University.

The Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh was originally established as Mugalpura Engineering College at Lahore (now in Pakistan) on November 9, 1921. The name of the Institute was later changed to Maclagan Engineering College and its started functioning under the name on March 19, 1924. In the year 1931, the college got affiliated to Punjab University, Lahore. After partition in 1947, the Institute was shifted to Roorkee (India) and was renamed as East Punjab College of Engineering. In the year 1950 the word East was dropped and it came to know by the name Punjab Engineering College. Towards the end of December 1953, the Institute shifted to its present campus in Chandigarh to function under Govt. of Punjab. In 1966, with the formation of Union Territory of Chandigarh, the institute came under control of Govt. of India through Chandigarh Administration. In October 2003, the Govt. of India notified the Punjab Engineering College as a Deemed to be University and thereafter it became known as Punjab Engineering College (Deemed University).

PEC holds the pride of being one of the first ever technological institutions in India, and has a glorious past which is about a century old. In addition, PEC has been nationally recognised as one of the finest technological universities in the country.