PEC faculty are highly distinguished individuals. Most of the faculty members have had the opportunity to earn degree from highly rated institutions across the country. For the faculty , teaching is more of a passion than profession. They not only create well-educated students, but make them also acquire awareness about the changing world scenario in the field of Engineering & Technology . The faculty members of PEC have constantly been in headlines for their noteworthy achievements and contributions in research. Most of them have industrial experience which has proved to be a great benefit for our students. They are dedicated to the noble task of imparting state of the art knowledge to the young budding minds.

Unremitting innovation is the key to learning which is absolute in its nature. Our faculty, through their astute business acumen gathered through years of erudition, engages in projects ranging from social entrepreneurship to industry inclinations. Following is a list of some of the Projects in progress of our faculty’s engagements.

On-Going In-house Projects

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-structured Materials for Memory Application and Catalysis By Prof. Vasundhara Singh
  • Ionic Liquid Mediated Synthesis of Metal and Metal Oxide based Nanomaterials for Environmental Catalysis
  • Advanced facility in Biometric Sensor Technologies
  • 4.Study of Mobility Plan Components for Chandigarh
  • Bioceramic Coatings on Titanium Alloy Bioimplants
  • Development of Pulse Detonation Test facility
  • Development of Bio-amplifier for the analysis of Electro-Encephalogram (EEG) Signals and performing Motor Imagery Experiments for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Ongoing “Research Initiation Project Award (RIPA)” Projects

  • Synthesis of magnetically separable nanocatalysts for fine chemicals and waste water treatment
  • Software clone detection through data mining
  • Design and performance evaluation of ad hoc routing protocols for vehicular ad hoc networks
  • Real time implementation of optimized switching scheme for SPV panels fed CMLI using neural network
  • Experimental analysis of seat vibrations of automobile for non uniform inputs
  • Experimental investigation on fabricated electro chemical spark machining setup for effective machining of non conductive ceramics
  • Development and analysis of efficient protocols for wireless sensor networks Use of geographical information system (GIS) as a tool for monitoring of traffic characteristics of the Chandigarh city
  • An investigation on Mechanical Properties and Permeability of Recycled Aggregate Concrete using Nano Silica
  • Design and analysis of solar concentrating cooking system with HTF and PCM heat storage
  • Effects of Channel slope and bed roughness on hydraulic jump
  • Power quality improvement of non linear system loads
  • Parameter optimization for small hole drilling in hard and composite materials using drill EDM

On-Going Sponsored Projects

  • Monitoring & performance evaluation of STP at Raipur Khurd, Chandigarh
  • IBM Shared University Research Grant Award : Information Security Model for the Banking Industry
  • Study of Glacier Dynamics using Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques
  • CARTS: Communication Assisted Road Transportation Systems
  • Grant for Embedded Curriculum and Lab Based on Intel Atom
  • Feasibility Study for the Management of Strom Water through use of Pervious Concrete in Chandigarh
  • Facies Mapping of Gangotri Glacier using A WiFS data: A Super –Resolution approach
  • Data Mining and Analysis of Indian Origin Academicians in Foreign Universities for Exploring opportunities of Academic Interaction
  • Management of Parking in Chandigarh
  • Dual-Axis Sun Tracking Solar PV Panel using Arduino and Lab View
  • Design and Implementation of a Solar Powered Smart Battery Charge Controller
  • Establishment of Design Innovation Centre (DIC) under the scheme National Initiative for Design Innovation
  • Characterization & Modelling of Physical Properties of Different Forms of Snow and Ice using Field and Remote Sensing Observations
  • Object based image classification of high resolution remote sensing data for urban mapping
  • Synthesis of High Energy Density Ferroelectric Materials for Shock Wave Ferroelectric Generators