Uma Batra

Dr. Uma Batra
Department Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Designation Professor
Qualification B.E. (Metallurgy), M.Tech. (Metallurgy), PhD (Metallurgy)
Research Interests Structure-Property Correlation, Austempered Ductie Iron, Failure Analysis, Biomaterials, Ti-Alloy Bio Implants, Lead free Solder Development
Email ( Official ) ( Personal )
Phone Number 0172-27453951 ( Office )
0172-2753655 ( Resdence )

Sr. No. Title
1 Pradeep, Gurpreet Kaur, Ganga Ram Chaudhary, Uma Batra, Investigating affordable cobalt based metallosurfactant as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction, Journal of colloid and Interface Science, In press, Available online 18th Nov. 2019, DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2019.11.073.
2 Kamal Kumar, Uma Batra, Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio WC-Co Micro Electrodes for µ-EDM Application, Materials Today Proceedings, 18, 2970-2976 (2019).
3 RK Kaushik, U Batra, J D Sharma, Aging induced structural and electrochemical corrosion behaviour of Sn-1.0 Ag-0.5 Cu and Sn-3.8 Ag-0.7 Cu solder alloys, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 745, 446-454 (2018)
4 K. Kumar, R. S. Gill, U. Batra, Challenges and opportunities for biodegradable magnesium alloy implants, Materials Technology, 33, 153-172 (2018)
5 Randeep Singh Gill, Kamal Kumar, Uma Batra, Apatite formation and weight loss study in EDMed perforated AZ31 Mg-alloy, Journal of Magnesium and Alloys, 5, 362–367 (2017).
Sr. No. Title Agency Duration of Years
1 Indigenous Development of Austempered Ductile Iron Technology for Use in Automobile & Agricultural Industries in India Ministry of Steels, Govt. of India 2019-2022
2 Design and Development of Mg alloy Implant for orthopedic applications DST, Govt. of India 2017-2020
3 Welding Electrode quality improvement through composition 2012
4 Establish structure-corrosion relation for batteries electrodes Luminous power Tech 2009
5 Aluminum Alloy for electrical Busbar application SDE 2013
Sr. No. Society Duration
1 Memberships Lifetime membership since 2000
Sr. No. Recent Books
1 Study of the Explosive Welding process and applications in Advances in Applied Physical and Chemical Sciences-A Sustainable Approach, ISBN: 978-93-83083-72-5, 2015, 33-39
2 Magnesium Doped Hydroxyapatite: Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity Evaluation in Biomaterials Science: Processing, Properties and Applications V: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 254, Wiley 2015
3 Development of multiphasic calcium phosphate coatings for biomedical applications, Nanotechnology: Novel Perspectives and prospectus, McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited, 2015
4 Book Chapter: Novel nanocrystalline bioactive coatings for stainless steel bioimplants, Nanobiomedicine A multivolume book on Nano Bio-Medicine Vol. 1: Nanomedicine, Studium Press, LLC, Housten, USA, 2014, PP 403-439
5 Book Chapter: NanoDimensional and nanocrystalline calcium orthophosphates in Biomedical field, Emerging Paradigms in Nanotechnology, Pearson India Ltd, 2013, PP. 464-471