Competency of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department to handle consultancy

Department can carry out the following testing and consultancies:

Sr. No. Type of consultancy offered
1 Heat Treatment Cycle Optimization using JMatPro Software
2 Failure Analysis
3 Microstructures Evaluation
4 Non-Destructive Testing, Die Penetrant Test, Ultrasonic Flaw detection
5 Macro Examination of Steels to Determine Sulphur, Phosphorus
6 Chemical Analysis of Elements in Steels, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Copper and other alloys
7 Thin Film Coatings for Wear & Corrosion Resistant Applications
8 Welding Fluxes Improvement or Development
9 Lead free Solder- Development
10 Material Selection
11 Ferrous (Steels & Cast Irons),Non-Ferrous (Aluminum, Copper etc. alloys)
12 Casting Design & Defect Analysis
13 Hardness Testing: Vicker’s Hardness Testing Scales [HV 0.3 TO HV 50 ,Test Force 2.94 N to 490 N], Rockwell Hardness Testing all Scales (HRA,HRD,HRC,HRF,
HRB,HRG,HRH, HRE, HRK, HRL, HRM, HRP, HRR, HRS, HRB on Metals, Non-Metals)


List of Some Consultancy Projects


Sr. No Brief Summary of the Project Cost in Lakhs
1. Improvement in performance of MIG welding electrode 3.15
2. Design and development of an ‘Ecofriendly Descaling’ process for complete descaling of steel wire rod used for manufacture of MIG wire. 1.05
3. Utilization of Electric Furnace Slag in Cement Concrete, Highway, Pavements & Ready Mix Concrete 3.45
4. Restoration and Preservation of heritage Buildings 1.50
5. Investigating Rusting of Dome Roof of Phosphoric acid storage tank of 40 Kiloliter 4.13