Words from Hod


J D Sharma
Head of Department
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Materials are the backbone of our civilization, and strengthening the backbone is an ardent duty of every engineer. Metallurgical and Materials engineers, however, support the most promising role in this business process.

The functions of a Metallurgical and Materials Engineering professional are to make primary metal/ materials, shape them into desired form and features, and treat them to assure superlative performances etc. Better functions are always achieved at the stance of better designs, and material design is a competency which we at the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering aspire to render in our students.

The product of our department has done well towards placing the material industry in higher echelons of global world is the proverbial proof of a good pudding our students create in the pie they develop as an aspect of our training. The synergy of our Metallurgical Engineering educations goes well with the competencies in consulting; and the industrial liaison faculty of this department maintains with the industry.

Last, but not the least, the size is no indication of the role the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering professionals demonstrate. In view of the latter, there is a big responsibility, and journey ahead.