Anu Prathap M.U.

Department Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor/Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellow (on contract)
Qualification M.Sc. (Chemistry, M.G. University), M.Tech (Polymer Science & Rubber Technology, CUSAT, Kerala), Ph.D. (Chemistry, IIT Ropar), Post Doctorate (Nanyang Technolgical Unversity, Singapore) & (University of Wisconson Madison, USA)
Research Interests Electrocatalysts for Energy Conversion, Storage and Biosensor applications
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Phone Number 8136861707 ( Office )
8136861707 ( Resdence )
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Sr. No. Title
1 M. U. Anu Prathap, R. Srivastava, Synthesis of nanoporous metal oxides through the self-assembly of phloroglucinol-formaldehyde resol and tri-block copolymer, Journal Colloid and Interface Science 358 (2011) 399-408.
Impact Factor: 9.965
2 M. U. Anu Prathap, B. Kaur, R. Srivastava, Hydrothermal synthesis of CuO micro-/nanostructures and their applications in the oxidative degradation of methylene blue and non-enzymatic sensing of glucose/H2O2, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 370 (2012) 144-154.
Impact Factor: 9.965
3 O. Sadaka, M. U. Anu Prathapa, S. Gunasekaran (a=Shares equal contribution), Facile fabrication of highly ordered polyaniline-exfoliated graphite composite for enhanced charge storage, Carbon 144 (2019) 756-763.
Impact Factor: 11.307
4 M. U. Anu Prathap, C. Wei, S. Sun, Z. J. Xu, A new insight into electrochemical detection of eugenol by hierarchical sheaf-like mesoporous NiCo2O4, Nano Research 8 (2015) 2636-2645.
Impact Factor: 10.273
5 M. U. Anu Prathap, B. Kaur, R. Srivastava, Direct synthesis of metal oxide incorporated mesoporous SBA-15, and their applications in non-enzymatic sensing of glucose, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 381 (2012) 143-151.
Impact Factor: 9.965
Sr. No. Title Agency Duration of Years
1 Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship, "Synthesis of nanostructured polyaniline and metal oxides for electrochemical biosensors, and energy conversion applications" Department of Biotechnology, India 2019-2024
Sr. No. Society Duration
1 Indian Society For Electroanalytical Chemistry Lifetime
2 Society For Materials Chemistry Lifetime
Sr. No. Recent Books
M. U. Anu Prathap, Shilpa N Sawant, Synthesis of Advanced Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Sensor and Biosensor Platforms, Handbook on Synthesis Strategies for Advanced Materials, 2021, 27-69, Springer, Singapore.
2 R. Srivastava, M. U. Anu Prathap, M. F. Pulikottil, Comprehensive guide for mesoporous materials, Synthesis and electrocatalytic applications of polyaniline, Nova Publishers, New York, 2015, ch. 10, vol. 1, pp. 241-282.