Selection Process

  • Faculty, centers of excellence and interested undergraduate students may submit projects for the program at any time in the year in the format provided. 
  • Based upon research, innovation and venturing potential as well as the project attributes (uniqueness, utility & demand, technical and business feasibility), submitted projects will be selected by a panel of internal and external mentors.
  • A list of selected projects are made available and announced via a web portal.
  • In case a project does not have a nominated student or a mentor, interested undergraduate students and mentors can pick up a research project from the web portal to participate in the program.
  • Core group of students for the selected projects are welcomed into the program of ‘Young Researchers Fellows’.
  • The project’sand student’s progress will be monitored throughout the year and in case of insufficient progress,the project is dropped and the student is advised to withdraw or dropped from this program.