About the Programme

The mission of this program is to provide undergraduates at PEC University of Technology opportunities to conduct research with a focus on innovation and venturing. 

The program allows carrying out research in any discipline, working with any faculty or research scholar across departments and centers of excellence so as to encourage undergraduates to look for opportunities beyond their own discipline. Cross functional research projects are encouraged in this program.

In addition to working on a research project with faculty or research scholars, undergraduates may get an opportunity for presenting in a conference, or writing for the Undergraduate Science Journal, so that they become a key part of research being conducted at PEC University of Technology.

The objective of this program is to enhance innovation quotient of PEC University of technology by:

  • Creating a research environment that enables a ‘love for science, technology and discovery’.
  • Enhancing capability of students for carrying out high quality research and innovation.
  • Enabling students for developing venturing capability and taking technology to business.
  • Enabling students to work with internal as well as external organizations / institutes – academic, industry, public or private.
  • Enhancing the pipeline of research projects as well as researchers among undergraduate students.