Information on YRFs

Chirag Sachdeva

Chirag Sachdeva is a fourth year undergraduate student in the Aerospace Engineering Department. Apart from the Young Research Fellowship, he has also been awarded the Merit Scholarship for being the Aerospace Department Topper. He formed “Team Udaan” to develop the first nano-satellite system of the college and lead it into the finals of the NASA CanSat Competition 2016 held in Texas, USA. With a propensity for multidisciplinary research, he has worked in collaboration with people working in different domains. His research interests lie in Structural Dynamics, Aeroelasticity, Multifunctional Materials, Composites, Smart Structures, Multi-Scale Modelling and Structural Health Monitoring.

"Young Research Fellowship not only provided me with the opportunities to interact and get feedbacks from industrial experts but also equipped me with the skills necessary to evolve a product from theoretical model to a functional prototype. This fellowship acted like a catalyst in the process of achieving the target goals in a short time by facilitating collaboration and access to facilities of industries and research labs across the country."

Gaurav Arora

Gaurav Arora, fourth year CSE undergraduate student is working on this project under the mentorship of Dr. Poonam Saini, Assistant Professor, PEC. This idea of having a personal emotional doctor was given by them. Gaurav has developed lot of interest in Artificial Intelligence and Bots in the past 1 year and wants to instill spiritual and emotional intelligence into bots to help people emotionally through this project. 

"YRF has been amazing because it gave me the freedom to express my ideas and technical abilities in Research and Venturing, in the 3rd year of BTech. I'm lucky to have this opportunity and want to deliver a product that will help millions of people."

Ketan Sud

Ketan Sud is a third year student of electronics and communication at PEC. He considers it to be a fascinating field in all aspects, however he found solace in the world of Data Analysis and Mining and hence his project pertains to the same. Having infinite opportunities right now, the world of data analysis is expanding and realization of its importance is ever on the rise, much like the dot com bubble in its time Big data is the new dot com. Been bought up in a managerial background by both parents serving in management based professions, he has grown up admiring the same and wish to work somewhere in that domain that suits his skills well and while nothing is set in stone like the aforementioned dot com bubble, an engineer’s aspirations are varying, we adapt and change as needed and so shall he, better knowledge and insight would be what he would follow to develop his career path.

"YRF is a brilliant opportunity for any undergraduate student who wishes to pursue research. It acts as a welcome bridge between faculty & PhD research scholars and undergraduate students. More importantly, the program induces a spirit of engineering over and above the coursework which proves to be immensely beneficial at any outlet of one's professional life."

Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar is from the Electrical Engineering department at PEC. His YRF research project is on “Wireless Power Harvesting”. Earlier, he has worked at the University of Perugia, Italy on a project “Wireless Power Transfer under water through Capacitive Coupling”. He is also a member of IEEE Technical society at PEC.

"It was a great experience for me to be part of YRF. It provided me the opportunity to broaden the area of my research not only in my core but in venturing also. It assisted me to interact and get opportunity even in abroad. It helped me to make my strategies more specifically about project .I also appreciate the reviewing sessions of the program. Overall it was a fantastic journey."

Gaurav Shukla

Gaurav Shukla is a third year undergraduate pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering. Curiosity has always been his driving force and he has diversified interests in his basket. He is an app developer, an instrumentalist in various bands, a cube solver to name a few. His current objective is to improve his focus and give my 100% to whatever he does. He believes that any problem, irrespective of its magnitude, can be solved with enough grit and determination in the end.

"Young Research Fellowship Program has helped me a lot in inculcating a new aspect to look at things, from a research point of view. It has taught me the intricacies one has to take care about while working on a project. Most research programs focus solely on the research aspect only and the projects never really take off and remain a part of some paperwork. At YRF, I learnt to develop a venture perspective as well." 

Nikhil Arora

Nikhil Arora is from Electrical Engineering Department at PEC. Being an electrical engineer "Energy" remains an important term, specially with its growing demand day by day and increased stress on using of Renewable form. The other important aspect is in form of harvesting the waste energy. Having stepped into research in the field of nanomaterials in his sophomore year with exploring Cu and Fe dopped SnO2 for application as refractive layer over solar cells this project is an extension to his research explorations. He interned at SanDisk which delivers flash storage solutions, a technology company at its heart innovation in the reduction of memory cells in nano scales is what derives it. The experience gave in him an insight to develop his career path into technology and research.

"The YRF program provided an opportunity to interact with industrial product developers which taught a difference of perspective between a researcher and need of an industry. Apart from technical knowledge, it has taught us skills to think and work like a real entrepreneur."

Subham Panda

"The YRF program provided an opportunity to interact with industrial product developers which taught a difference of perspective between a researcher and need of an industry. Apart from technical knowledge, it has taught us skills to think and work like a real entrepreneur."

Tarun Goyel

Tarun Goel is a B.E. Mechanical Engineering student. He has been a part of SAE Collegiate club under Efficycle team and is currently the Secretary of SESI Society. He has good knowledge of designing and manufacturing and has done various projects as a member and secretary of the SESI Society. Applying both the Mechanical as Well as Solar Energy, his project is a whole new innovation project which is the need of the hour in manufacturing industries and is also economic in terms of use and cost. He is an accomplished Project Manager strategist and solution-oriented person who thrives in challenging, fast paced environments. In addition, he has solid organizational leadership and decision-making skills