Benefits & Awards


  • The selected student for the Young Research Fellows program will receive a stipend of Rs 10000/- per month.
  • Selected students for the program get access to interdisciplinary faculty, research scholars and have the option to work on projects generated by industry, faculty scholars, scientists, and researchers. They get registered and get access to research centers, and laboratories to experiment and enhance learning research techniques under the guidance of the senior scholars and faculty.

Awards at the end of each year

At the end of each academic year, work of students enrolled in the program will be reviewed for considering awards and providing recognition for high quality research, originality of work, robustness of the research methodology and venture potential of the project. Students successful in this will be designated as ‘Young Research fellows’

  • In addition, two types of awards are planned:
    • Originality of work
    • Robustness in approach to solving the problem

For Faculty & Research Scholars

  • Faculty and Research Scholars get their projects uploaded on the web portal through the Academic Section where they seek undergraduate fellows for carrying out the research.
  • Students can select the faculty and Research Scholars they are interested in working with. In case the project is that of the student, he/ she is free to choose a faculty and / or a Research scholar of choice.

Training on Research &Venturing Skills

Programs for the training and development of Research and Venturing skills will be run during the year where students selected for Young Research fellows program are eligible to attend.

  • Research training may be carried out by an internal faculty and research scholars.
  • Venturing training is preferred to be carried out by external experts with experience in industry as well with research institutes on Innovation, Venturing, New Business Development and Global Marketing.