Schemes & Forms


S.No Scheme Key Activity Nodal Officer
1 Research and teaching assistantships for Non Gate Engineering Students @Rs 8000/- per ME & Rs18000/-per PhD student/per month 2 Dean Academic Affairs
2 Post Graduate Students Conference Grants 3 Dean RP&D
3 Fiscal incentives for students undertaking research (Size: 335 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English) 3 Dean RP&D
4 Permission purchase of consumables by faculty 4 Deputy Director
5 Sponsored Student Society lectures 5 Dean RP&D
6 Sponsored industrial tours for students 5 Dean RP&D
7 Summer Courses Fee Waiver to underprivileged students 8 Dean Academic Affairs
8 Extra Classes for students on academic probation 8 Dean Academic Affairs
9 Batchwise Courses in communicative skills 8 Dean Academic Affairs