Ravinderjit Singh Walia

Ravinderjit Singh Walia
Department Production and Industrial Engineering
Designation Professor
Qualification Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)
Research Interests Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Metal Matrix Composites, Thermal Coating, Surface Engineering, Optimization, Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Ergonomics
Email waliaravinder@pec.edu.in ( Official )
waliaravinder@yahoo.com ( Personal )
Phone Number 0172-27532381 ( Office )

Sr. No. Title
1 Gupta, N., Agrawal, A. K., & Walia, R. S. (2019, May). Soft Modeling Approach in Predicting Surface Roughness, Temperature, Cutting Forces in Hard Turning Process Using Artificial Neural Network: An Empirical Study. In International Conference on Information, Communication and Computing Technology (pp. 206-215). Springer, Singapore. (CONFERENCE)
2 Bhardwaj, A., Ali, P., Walia, R. S., Murtaza, Q., & Pandey, S. M. (2019). Development of Hybrid Forms of Abrasive Flow Machining Process: A Review. In Advances in Industrial and Production Engineering (pp. 41-67). Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering Springer, Singapore (CONFERENCE)
3 Ssundriyal, Vipin and Walia R S, 2019, Near Dry and Powder Mixed Near Dry Electric Discharge Machining, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) ISSN: 2249 – 8958, 9(1), 2021-2015. (SCOPUS)
4 Agrawal A., Kaur R and Walia R S, 2019, Engineering optimisation of process parameters for polymers: an overview. International Journal of Experimental Design and Process Optimisation, 6(2), 89-126.(SCOPUS)
5 A Tyagi, R S Walia., Q Murtaza, 2019, Tribological behavior of HVOF carbon coating for wear resistance applications. Materials Research Express, 6(12), 125606. (SCI, Q3)
Sr. No. Title Agency Duration of Years
1 Development of Hybrid EDM Process PEC 3 YEAR
2 Investigations of Hybrid Abrasive Flow Machining Processes Institute of Engineer (India) 1 YEAR
3 Improvements in Cycle Rickshaws of Chandigarh UT Government 6 MONTH
4 NASA Great Moon Buggy Race-2012 UT Chandigarh and Industry 1 YEAR
5 NASA Great Moon Buggy Race-2011 Punjab Govt, DST, PEC and Industry 1 YEAR
Sr. No. Recent Books
1 K Gupta, Qasim Murtaza, N Yuvraj, RS Walia, S M Pandey, 2021, Tribological behaviour of (CrC)X+(Mo+Fe)+(NiCr)X alloy coating by atmospheric plasma spraying on piston ring with liner contact, Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies (BOOK CHAPTER)