Circulation Section

PEC Library has a has a collection of more than1,23,000 (till 31.12.2019) documents comprising of books, standards, theses, bound volume of journals pertaining to physical sciences, engineering and technology, computer and information technology, social sciences and management, to provide information support to its users. The circulation section of the library provides the books and other material to the readers (staff & faculty) primarily for use in or outside the library.

Library has open access for its collections. Loan facilities are also provided to users who are registered as members of the library.

Periodical Section

This section acquires/manages journals/periodicals (both in print & electronic form) to provide researchers with resources that are useful to enhance their research projects. To keep its readers abreast with the latest developments in Engineering & Technology, the PEC library currently subscribes to more than 6500 e-journals published by learned societies (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and commercial publishers. (Taylor & Francis, Emerald, Elsevier, Blackwell, Wiley, Sage etc.).

PEC library started e-journal service in 2004, with the help of INDEST consortium. At that time PEC library was providing access to more than 200 e-resources of three publishers: ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and IEL (IEEE/IET Electronic Library) under the category of complimentary access for AICTE-sponsored institutions. In the year 2009, PEC library also attained membership of UGC-Infonet Consortium (Inflibnet Centre) as the demand for electronic resources increased. In 2015, with deliberate emphasis on developing a good collection of electronic databases, PEC library subscribed access to 17 full text databases, the numde of the same rose to 25 in the year 2019.

Digital Library

Every corner of the library has effect of computers ranging from the information creation to dissemination. Central Library is having Multimedia Resource Centre (MMRC) to make use of most popular mode of education i.e. Electronic Media with the help of ICT Technology. Library has a collection of 1064 CDs, 143 Floppies, 25 DVDs and 581 video cassettes on various disciplines of engineering and technology. The library has also procured and installed NPTEL video and web courses on LAN of the institute for the benefit of the students.

Students can access Internet and other subscribed e-resources at MMRC with a facility of 10 computers. Realizing this digital revolution, the time is ripe for the academic libraries to built digital libraries. PEC library intends to have a well-developed computer and network infrastructure in the form of Digital Library with a provision of 32 computers to facilitate the use of all the web-based resources and services already subscribed. The work for developing the same has already been started in the basement of the library.

Reference Section

The reference collection in the library is maintained separately and its collection includes Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Geographical Sources, Yearbooks and Atlas etc. This section also provides short range and long range reference services to the readers.